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Does my cat have Asbergers syndrome?

My cat is really nice but I think he has disease because whenever we are stroking him nicely he will want you to stroke him but he will cower away and move away.

It's really weird. And he is extremely scared of any new people coming into the house, plastic bags, and basically anything.

His brother, our other cat is the opposite and is so loving and cuddly all the time.

Also when we pet him even though he likes it he ducks down to try and dodge your hands

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    Cats don't get a human disease.

    You've got a shy cat. One that doesn't like being stroked the way you're doing it. Use chin scritches and face rubs (your fingers along the side of his face) with quiet words to bring him out of his shell a little more.

    Hands coming DOWN on a shy cat from a bigger creature are threatening. Small dogs have this problem as well--we're too big, the animals find it instinctively threatening. Reach in at their chest level to be less threatening.

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    First of all you misspelled Asperger's syndrome. Second, it's likely your cat is just a little neurotic or was possibly abused. We have a cat that does not like new people in the least and runs and hides when she sees them. We know she was not in a loving home before we adopted her and was even wary around us for months. We have another cat that, while loving, does tend to duck and wince before she realizes you're going to pet her. She also did not have very nice owners before we adopted her, considering she was nothing but a kitten machine to them.

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    your cat can be just as people can be very shy that's all. No two cats have the same personality

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