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Lump of flesh during period??????!!!!!!!!!!!?

apologies in advance for graphic detail....

Ok i was sat on the loo before bed having a wee, i wiped and to my horror i saw u huge lump of what looked like skin stretch over the tissue???!!!!!!

I am confident it was not a typical blood clot as i do sometimes get them, it was very different..

not sticky or blobby or wet in texture it was almost rubbery dry and fleshy coloured like a piece of skin. it wasn't wet to the touch and i actually pulled at it,apart and it didn't break.

What the hell was it????

Before xmas i had a cervical biopsy and have had 2 periods since

I am not pregnant as i am a lesbian which also means im not on the pill too

but the strangest thing also my period recently was two weeks late, during those two weeks i had symptoms of my period..cramps bloating etc and i finally got it but now its tempermental in flow and light wheres im normally very heavy. id bleed a bit for a few hours then stop then start and in agony..

this is when i discovered this piece of skin??!!!

Anyone know what this is??? im freaking out


not a hymen as ive had sex with guys in the past as well as my lesbo toys

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    Sounds like you may have an iron deficiency and so when you menstruate the uterus lining is not deteriorating properly try taking a Iron supplement if next month you get more tissue (anything larger then a half dollar) go to the doc.

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    I had sessions like this even as i replaced into on Yasmine for a jiffy (3 months) so my wager is that that's led to with information from the hormonal shift of switching delivery controls. that's no longer uncommon and definitly no longer something to rigidity about.

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    sounds like the hyman if all else fails you can go to the doctor..

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