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How much do you really need to drink to cause long term liver damage?

Obviously the Government scare tactics are always going to give information that isnt necessarily correct and cetainly doesnt apply to everyone.

Basically, my Father has been drinking everyday for about 40 years. He drinks on average 6 pints per day of cider, sometimes he drinks more like on family occasions when we have wine etc and sometimes, but rarely he drinks less. He is 61 and doesnt show any signs of having liver problems but as he is getting older i worry about what this drinking could be doing to him and if he has consumed well over the recommended limit for 40 years now and nothing has happened to him yet but i wonder whether that will always be the case.

On the plus side he eats a very healthy diet and walks everyday and isnt overweight. I'm not sure whether to appraoch him or just leave him to it. To all health professionals, how much do you REALLY need to be drinking to cause serious liver damage, i've read if you consume half a bottle of something like whikey per day for over 10 years then you will do some damage and thats about 35 units per day so if my dad consuming say 12 units per day of non spirit alcohol will he be better off?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Everybody's different.

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  • 9 years ago

    There is no set amount that anyone will get permanent liver damage from a certain amount. There are no guarantees that this will happen. Everyone is different in the way their body handles alcohol. I knew a man who was a total drunk day after day as long as I can remember and liver disease did not take him until he was in his mid sixties. My cousin was really quite healthy other than being a heavy drinker and liver disease took his life when he was only 38. It can vary so much and there could be many underlying reasons why the disease might progress much faster in one person and not in someone else. Also keep in mind that just because your father does not show any physical signs of having liver damage, he could still have quite a lot and just not know it. I had cirrhosis from an autoimmune disease. No matter what causes cirrhosis, the disease pretty much acts the same on everyone as far as symptoms go. I did not have a clue that anything was wrong with my liver until it was already 90% destroyed with only 10% function left. I suddenly started swelling up with fluid in my abdomen and had no idea I had anything wrong until then. I had to get a liver transplant. The disease can be far advanced and the person not know it.

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  • 9 years ago

    That is way over the limit. There are no goverment scare tactics for drinking. It is what it is. However, everyone is different. Some people's system cleans out the alchohol and heals faster than others. Plus you have to consider most people that drink that much do not eat healthy or execrise much. I personally would try to convince him to tone it down. On a daily basis thats not excessive its just the fact that he does it every day. Try and convince him to alternate a day or two.

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  • 9 years ago

    you can get damage in a single weekend of drinking.

    12 units a day is way too much

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