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Have you seen this before?

Its quite long.. but very interesting. A brother from YA sent it to me recently so I won't take credit for it :P

Shaitaan held a meeting one day,

Furious as he watched the muslims in Ramadan pray,

And he spoke at length of his ancient plans and dreams,

And shouted long and hard emitting screams.

If they go on at this rate,

They’ll all enter Paradise through Rayyan’s gate,

But I promised to lead the children of Aadam astray,

This Ramadan thing’s clearly not going my way

So one of his chained jinns looked up from the devilish herds,

And said if ye bid me sire to say some words,

I have just the plan to fool the muslim ummah,

And seduce them away from that place called Jannah

Pray tell, my devilish companion…Please

We must lower those muslims by degrees,

For their good deeds have become vast like the seas,

I’m going to lose my reputation as Iblees!

Microchips –Its called the internet

Its an idea you gotta hear-you won’t regret,

I’ve thought long and hard about this one,

And boy,Oh boy…is this some fun.

At the touch of a keyboard they have an Islamic forum,

Where they think they’re increasing their imaan with much decorum,

And they log on and click with their mouse,

Not realising they’ve entered a room from shaitaan’s house.

We’ll teach them to backbite, argue and fight,

They’ll leave reciting the Quran and lose their heavenly light,

Sufis verus salafis and vice versa,

All at the click of a mouse and cursor.

At the touch of a button they can curse the scholars,

Nowadays a laptop costs just a few hundred dollars,

And they’ll type bad words about Ibn Arabi and Ibn Taymeeyah,

Without any knowledge of the sciences of the Shariah.

Non-Mahrems can interact on chatrooms from Pakistan to France,

What began as da’wah often ends up in Romance,

Tahajjud prayers go out of the window,

The troops of hell will just grow and grow.

We’ll drown them in information overload,

Hell will be waiting; their final abode,

Lost in useless bits, bytes and endless sights

Ghaflah, Ghaflah- They’ll waste their nights.

Instead of using tasbeehs for performing dhikr

We’ll create nonsensical arguments and make them bicker,

And brother against brother shall live in divide,

Through endless debates we’ll inject poison inside.

As for the very sinful, there’ll be pornography

And music dancing and much debauchery,

Who can resist those pop-up windows?

Can you see, master, muslims entering hell in their throes?

The ultimate computer virus is called shaitaan,

That Trojan horse will snatch away your precious imaan,

He’s an evil whizz who has lots of experience

His aim in life is to take your soul to decadence.

Oh Slave of Allah(swt) be not so sordid,

Your internet access is being tapped and recorded

By the noble angels on your shoulders that accompany you,

You might escape human cameras but you can’t escape Allah’s view.

Say a’oodhubillah, And don’t waste your time

Spend each moment in dhikr of the divine,

Use technology to please the Lord of Creation

Avoid trivial pursuits and satanic temptation.

Salaam :)


@Hope; U-huh :) You too?

@WAQAS; Hmm.. A few people have said that to me.. should I change it back then?

Update 2:

@Hope; The group thingy?

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    You got there before me!! :D Yeah Awesome Poem!!!!!

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  • ...
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    I read this before - I got it as a forward (email). =)

    But yet it still sounds amazing everytime I read it - a great reminder indeed, =)

    Jazakalah for this! xD


    Salam alaykum~

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Haha awesome.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    You just got this in an email huh?


    Salaam x

    Nah, I'm just psychic :D emailed me ages ago with an email address...can you give it to me again? Or if you have yahoo can you give me that? :P xx

    Source(s): Yes sis! :) - Even your own one would do :P
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  • Nice.

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  • 9 years ago

    walaikum asalaam yes very nice, a star for you :)

    between I miss your rat avatars lol


    Yeah sure that is how people remembered you :P

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I read this like last year ^_^

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