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What's your opinion on nose piercings?

I'm sixteen and I'm considering getting a nose piercing ... I'd probably have to have a stud as I'm in Sixth Form college and it'd have to be inconspicuous ... but what I was thinking is does anyone else think a nose RING makes you look a bit like a cow? Lol, no offence to anyone with a nose ring, I want one too :)x

also, what piercings is a 16 year old female allowed to have without needing parent's consent? x

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    Before you start messing around with your face, think about what work you might want to do in the future. Because you can take the nose ring out, and the hole might close, but it will always show. And in some conservative professions, like the law, for example, employers might not take you seriously.

    Have another ear piercing, do your belly-button or something: avoid the conspicuous body art.

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    Yeah nose piercings are pretty cool. Your around recommended age too. Some places don't allow you to get piercings (other than the ears) until your sixteen. Nose rings are ok depending on what size you get. Yes they kind of do make you look like a cow and I think it looks kinda trashy if the rings is too big. I'm pretty sure you have to 18 though before you can get them without permission (since your an adult.) As long as your under 18 it's up to your parents.

    Hope this helped!

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    As far as I know, places will pierce anything without parental consent if you are 16. As for the ring, I think it looks nice on people with angular faces. With round faces it looks a bit odd (only my opinion though). I think nose studs look good on just about anyone:)

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    I think studs looks like zits.... so I prefer rings. A friend of mine has really cool colorful ones... but maybe you shouldn't consider that since you don't people to see it. And about the piercing w/o a parents consent, it all depends on where you live and what tattoo/piercing shops you go to.

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    All underage piercings need parental consent.

    Don't get a nose ring, you'll regret it, trust me. If you get any kind of nose piercing, then get a little stud. When you start applying for jobs, they're not gonna hire you if you have a piece of **** on your nose.

    Also, the only guy they're going to attract is... not such a good one.

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    i'm no longer too fond them. i've got seen a image of you with a nostril piercing, and it did no longer look undesirable. i think it in basic terms relies upon on the guy. Lip rings look exceptionally good on ladies. only one regardless of the undeniable fact that, no longer the snake bites. I used to have the two one among my ears pierced, and gauged as much as a 4. I took them out using fact i began out to experience exceptionally immature with them. My holes have not totally closed... : optimistically interior the subsequent 2 months they're going to. Edit: till they are those forms of piercing that wade with the aid of the two nostrils. you recognize the hoop piercing. i think of while people get those they seem to be wild hogs.

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    k i don't know much about them except a lot of my friends have them.

    i think they are really cute.

    i like studs better, but some people can pull of a ring - like kesha. she's a perfect example.

    i'm not sure about your last question because i don't have any except my ears and i got them with my mom hah.

    one comment said don't get a nose piercing you will regret it because of job oportunities.

    don't listen to him - your only sixteen you don't need a job right now & anyways once the piercing is healed you can go buy clear nose rings so it looks like you don't have one in and then you can switch it back to your normal one later ya knoww?

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    im 16 and have a nose ring, i got all my piercings done with out a parent, most places wont id you, just ask your mates where they get thers done or have heard any good places to get it done, if you do don't be alarmed when you get this minging lump on the skin under the stud, i did i freaked out then seen my piercest who told me to crush aspirin and add warm water to make a paste then rub it on until it goes.. just in case you do get it ha ha

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    I do not think "cow" , I think "pig" . We had to put nose rings in lots of little pigs. (Just snapped them in with a special pair of pliers.

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    well, i think they are a little common - so many people have them at the moment.

    but also i do think that they're very pretty, it's totally up to you.

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