Ear ache and minor hearing loss in both ears?

For a week I have had a cold, but it cleared up about 4 days ago. Since then one of my ears has had a minor loss of hearing in it, however it came back yesterday. Last night I went to a party with loud music and I woke up this morning with pain and minor hearing loss in both of my ears. The problem is, is that it is the weekend so I can't quickly pop down to the doctors for antibiotics and I am also going to a concert tonight.

Any ideas on how to quickly fix the hearing loss (though I know you probably can't) and whether going to the concert will make it worse, if so, how do I prevent it? :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Nonmedical treatments are available that you can try at home to relieve an ear ache. Chewing gum may help relieve the pressure in the ear. For children who are not old enough to chew gum, you can give them a bottle to suck on. Another option is to apply a few drops of olive oil to the ear, which can relieve the discomfort. Cold compresses or wet cloths applied to the outer ear may also help. Ear pain can also be worse when lying down, so prop yourself up a little--even when sleeping--when you have an ear ache.

  • 4 years ago

    Depending on how dangerous it's you must be equipped to get a waiver. The listening to scan was once a minimum of in 1996 a scan wherein you put on headphones and also you push a button whilst you pay attention a beep so you may also even cross it at Meps.

  • 10 years ago

    If I had your problem I would stay at home. You haven't got over your cold, it's probably viral infection and is traveling trough your body and affecting your ears. Go to your doctor on Monday.

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