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Who is better ... Emma Watson or Rihanna?

Who is better and why.....?

The most detailed will be picked as best answer:O



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    I think that they are both very different people. They are very talented. Rihanna is a singer and Emma Watson is an actress. Emma Watson is more of an actress for youngsters, while Rihanna sings more for adults. They both attract very different audiences. Personally, I love Emma Watson. She is a confident, beautiful, young woman. Rihanna used to be cool... but when she released good girl gone bad, her music just got wierd.

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    Hands down Emma Watson.

    Rihanna is very strange and needs to see a psychiatrist. Honestly just pay attention to her songs: Rude boy - she apparently wants a rude boy to beat her up and stuff.

    Love the way you lie - she apparently loves being hurt.

    S&M - the title basically means sexual roleplaying. what the actual f**k? look up sadomasochism. crazy shyt.

    What's my name - do I really need to explain this..? HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW YOUR OWN NAME.


    Emma Watson is sooo naturally beautiful and has an adorable accent, and is a very amazing actress. Harry Potter movies ftw. No she is not famous for singing, but it doesn't stop her from being better than Rihanna. XD I don't know a lot about Emma Watson but I'm pretty positive she is talented in a lot of other things. :)

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    Emma Watson!

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    Emma Watson. She has accomplished so many things at a young age

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    Emma Watson. Because she has lots of talents, not just one. She can cook well, act, draw, sing, and many other things. Plus, she's hotter.

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    Rihanna cause she is so so so pretty and i love all her songs , she is amazing ...!!!!! Riri <3

    but i like Emma too !! she is a very good actress !!

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    i like booth but rihannna

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