Can you convince me that Tom Brady is NOT overrated?


I think Tom Brady is overrated. Can you convince me otherwise?


Don't use arguments like "He's won 3 Super Bowls" because the only reason he won those is because of the system he played in. (Hence Brian Freaking Hoyer coming in at the end of a game last season and ending up with a passer rating over 115).

The person that convinces me or comes closest to convincing me gets 10 points. Good luck (you'll need it)



A lot of players have three rings. Just because you've won doesn't automatically make you good. Does anyone say Ray Crockett is the greatest DB of all time because he won two Super Bowls? No.

He did have the greatest season ever by a QB (STATISTICALLY). 50 Passing TD's is amazing. But he had Randy Moss (you know, one of the fastest and best deep threats EVER) to throw to, and he had Wes Welker (you know, that guy that's literally almost impossible to cover) to throw to. He had a great offensive line, too.

Peyton Manning had 49 TD passes. Did he have Randy Moss and Wes Welker? No. He had some great WR that year, but none as good as Randy Moss and Wes Welker. I guarentee if the 2007 Moss and Welker played for Peyton Manning, he would obliterate Brady's 50 TD record.

Your argument says that he has multiple MVP awards. So does Peyton Manning. And Brett Favre. So what?

You also say he has NFL records. So does Peyton Manning. Brett Favre does. Drew Brees probably has some. HeII, Mik

Update 2:

@The Eagles Fan

Those are some impressive records. You almost had me convinced. OH WAIT MOST OF THOSE RECORDS ARE ABOUT WINS. Anyone can win with the receivers, tight ends, line, and coach that Brady has.

Update 3:

@Boston Fan

Those 335 straight passes without and INT are impressive on paper, but then you look at the dropped INT's by DB's and the easy completions. Almost every single throw is a high percentage pass. It's hard to throw INTs on screen passes and quick slants if you have any sort of accuaracy.

"He has made the playoffs every year he has started but once, which was the year he got hurt. He has the most 14 win seasons in the past 10 years." Again, it's his teammates. If Tom Brady played for the Colts, would he do anything like that? No. If Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers or Aaron Rodgers played for the Patriots, any one of them would have 5 Rings.

"he is the most clutch qb" I do agree with that, actually. In pressure situations, he never seems to feel pressured. Peyton Manning does. Probably it's because Peyton Manning really has to do it all if he wants to win, but still.

And no, Tom Brady didn't make the Patriots who they are, Bill Belichek did. Belichek is a football

Update 4:

Odd. The end of my posts got cut off. Where it says "Mik" it should say "Mike Lodish has NFL records too!"

And the other part says

Belichek is a football god. The smartest coach of all time IMO.

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    clearly no matter what anyone tells you, you are going to say Brady is overrated. Pretty much you are saying people cannot bring up his stats, wins, SBs, or leadership... so what else is there? He has an amazing win percentage. He was the only QB to throw for over 200 TDs before he threw 100 picks. He has never had a season with over 14 ints. He has only had one season under 23 TDs. He has only had 2 seasons that he does not have over 2 times as many tds as picks. He lead the Patriots to the AFC Championship in 2006 with Andre Caldwell and Doug Gabriel as his two top recievers. He has had 1 top WR and only for 2 seasons. Yet he consistently throws over 64% and 4000 yrds. He has never had a running game besides the one yr he had Corey Dillon.

    I am pretty sure Manning had amazing receivers when he had 49 tds... Harrison, Wayne and Clark are some of the best to ever play their position.

    Guess what... the most important part of being a QB is winning games. I dont think you have ever watched a game that Brady has played in. You just listen to the commentators who say he throws short passes. If you did watch, you would notice those are extremely hard passes to complete.

    Also name me one QB that has been great without a great coach... none. Marino had Shula, Montana and Young had Bill Walsh.

    Brady is a winner... two MVPs and two SB MVPs. I can't believe you could even suggest he is overrated... you clearly are just a hater.

    Also the Hoyer argument is idiotic, he played a Miami team that was already down 21 points, not like they were going to play very hard. Also the Cassel argument is dumb, because Cassel was able to bring the Chiefs to the playoffs, after being a terrible team.

    I find the argument that he played easy teams this yr hilarious. He played all 4 championship teams. Jets, Steelers, Packers, Bears and then played the Chargers, Ravens, Colts. That is not an easy schedule. Guess what he torched the Bears, Packers, Colts, Jets, Steelers, and Chargers. Came up huge in the 4th quarter and OT against the Ravens.

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    Well, the first piece of evidence that it's not "just the system" is that Bill Belicheck was not thought of as a great coach prior to the rise of Tom Brady, and a great pocket QB by the name of Drew Bledsoe went 5-11 in that same system. (As a side note, Passer Rating is an awful stat, and playing mop-up in a game that's out of reach is not a good indication of the performance of Brian Freaking Hoyer).

    The second is the hardware that he, personally, has won. In 9 seaons (remember that he was injured for an entire season) He has 7 Pro-Bowls, 2 MVPs, 2 Super Bowl MVPs.

    He has the third lowest interception ratio over an entire career, and the only two who are better are Neil O'Donnel (who's not had anything close to Brady's success) and Aaron Rodgers (who has been playing only 3 seasons).

    The third is what he does when he plays. You can see that he is an accurate passer without even talking about his 2010 MVP season, but he can also take over a game. Tom Brady has more 3+ TD / 0 INT games than any other QB in history. You want to raise the bar to 4+ with 0 INTs? Tom Brady's still the leader. More than Dan Marino, more than Joe Montana, more than ANYONE. How about 5 or 6? OK, Peyton Manning has the most of those... tied with Tom Brady.

    Tom Brady can, at need, take over a game and put his team in the endzone. He can do it out of the gate, and he can do it with :55 left in the 4th quarter. He has 32 such games. That's not a total offense, that's nothing to do with defense or special teams, that's a QB throwing his team down the field.

    So... my question to you, really, is who is it that's all that better than Tom Brady? Can you think of a player that has single-handedly lead a team to the heights of success that the 00s Patriots have seen without a Hall of Fame caliber coach or Hall of Fame caliber Rushing threat? It's not Joe Montana (who had Bill Walsh as a coach). It's not Troy Aikman (who had Emmitt Smith and Jimmy Johnson). It's not John Elway (who had Terrell Davis). It's certainly not Brett Favre or Peyton Manning.

    If anything, Tom Brady is underrated, as his recent lack of dominance has lead people to wonder if Ben Roethlisberger (of all people) is the QB of the 00s.

    Source(s): @Don: Are you insane? The Patriots played the Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Packers, Bears, Colts and Chargers and beat them ALL. No team in 2010 has anything close to that track record against winning teams.
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    He is constantly good, he has never had a season where you say he is bad, 335 straight passes without a int, 50 tds with Randy Moss and Welker, than Moss leaves and they switch to a completely different offense. He has made the playoffs every year he has started but once, which was the year he got hurt. He has the most 14 win seasons in the past 10 years. You cant say a player is good in a certain system a system is good because of the player. He is the most clutch qb, he plays well in the conditions unlike Peyton Manning of Drew Brees. He is the leader of the team. Kevin Kolb threw 3 games straight last year with over 300 yards, where is he know? know where Brian Hoyer had one good game. He make the Patriots the team they are, without him they wouldn't be a playoff team, since they missed it with Matt Cassel who is a pro bowl qb. He has a good supporting cast, but so does Manning and Brees.

    Can you tell me how he is overrated?

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    WOW. I'm not even close to a Pats fan, but when you call someone who has three rings, the greatest-ever season by a QB, multiple league-MVP awards and NFL records overrated, then the burden is on you to convince us that he IS overrated. The burden is not on us.

    You'll not be convinced because you're obviously biased and don't want to face the truth.

    Convince us that he is overrated. State your case. Let's see what kind of horse **** you can come up with. This is a challenge to anyone who wants to come in here and say that he's overrated. State your case. None of you will have any legitimate arguments. The poster says:

    " because the only reason he won those is because of the system he played in."

    OK, so the fact that Brady has good coaches behind him means that he's overrated? There is a tradeoff when considering players and coaches to be "good." The tradeoff is that the coach makes the player look good and the player makes the coach look good. There are two sides to it: 1) the coach who makes/draws up the system and 2) the player who must EXECUTE that system. You're really going to fault a player for perfecting the system he must play by? Every team has a "system," and they're all meant to do the same thing: score points. Any time ANY quarterback runs ANY system to the degree of success that Brady runs the Patriots' offensive system, it is something remarkable.

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    'Won 3 Super Bowls', you gotta admit, is a pretty good argument. He's also a two-time MVP (the first unanimous choice ever this year), the record holder for touchdowns in a year. He was picked 199th overall, which means unless if the 50 or so other guys picked after him won 3 or more Super Bowls, each, he's doing very well relative to expectations. The 'system did it' argument is old, as old as when people were using that for Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana. Tom Brady, however, has no Hall of Fame receivers like Raymond Berry or Jerry Rice. Can you name any receivers aside from Deion Branch on the Super Bowl winning teams?

    Also Brian Hoyer threw thirteen passes against a Miami defense that had long since given up for his 'bloated' rating.

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    I still believe that Peyton Manning holds that distinction. Name 1 QB that has played 12 of his 13 years in the NFL with the SAME Offensive Coordinator (Tom Moore), who at 1 time actually made Scott Mitchell look good (which Lions fans probably remember), and has played with NOTHING but former 1st round picks at the skill positions (Faulk, James, Addai, Brown, Clark, Harrison, Wayne, Gonzalez).

    I honestly doubt that ANYONE could fail in the Colts offensive system, especially since they always make sure that Manning has plenty of weapons to use, which is why their defense suffers so much, the organization focuses too much on the offense. I mean come on, this was Manning's 1st season, in which he didn't have at least 2 Pro Bowl players surrounding him at the skill positions for an enitre season. That's a pretty good security blanket to have for your first 12 years in the league.

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    He threw 30 touchdwns and 4 picks

    50 Tds and 8 picks

    has 3 superbowl rings

    Hes the reason the pats have been the most winningest team in football for the past decade

    go outside kid

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    He was up against one of the top defenses in the league and still was a big reason the pats were able to get back in the game. Brady has been extremely good this year and is even in the MVP talks. One loss doesn't mean that he is washed up.

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    I can't convince you but maybe the experts that follow NFL football all year can.

    Tom Brady won the following MVP awards in 2010:

    Associated Press NFL POY/MVP Award

    Pro Football Writers Association NFL MVP Award

    The Sporting News NFL MVP Award

    Are all these people that vote stupid or gullible, I don't think so!

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    10 years ago

    3 Super Bowl rings. Enough said.

    Name another overrated QB with 3 rings and an 18-1 season.

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