Celebrity Talent Academy?

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Okay so i Auditioned for this in Kings Cross - Tyler Yard Studios for a disney channel program as this is what i heard on the radio, which later turned out to be auditions into this ...show more
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I'm an actor in London, and have never heard of this. If you payed by card and it turns out to be a scam you call your bank and they will repay you no matter what. It actually happens a lot, mainly with tickets and stuff. If you want to become an actress avoid courses that say things like celebrity and fame blah blah blah. You need and agent or a legitimate acting coach.
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  • Theatre Doc answered 3 years ago
    This is a well-know SCAM. Of course you did not audition for a Disney show, you were just being set up to be fleeced for these acting classes. Run fast in the other direction.
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  • Kittysue answered 3 years ago
    If you paid a deposit you legally have 7 days to get your money back in the UK

    If you want to go to a legitimate acting school in the UK that might actually get you somewhere, then go somewhere that's recognised in the industry such as Sylvia Young, Stagecoach, National Youth Theatre, etc.; I would not bother with a school that nobody I know in the industry has ever even heard of

    Sylvia Young is one of the top drama schools in the UK and charges £99 per a 10 week course meeting every Saturday. So for 20 weeks meeting 4x a month is £198
    Here is a Wikipedia page listing just some of their famous alumni

    Stagecoach Theatre Arts is another repubable school and charges £318 for a 12 week course meeting once a week for 3 hours per course
    Here are some famous Stagecoach Theatre Arts Alumni

    Celebrity Talent Academy doesn't seem to have a Wikipedia page with their famous alumni

    Almost every drama school in the UK for kids/teens costs a heck of a lot £3500 for a 20 week course.
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  • Cogito answered 3 years ago
    I've never heard of it, neither have any of my friends in the business. I Googled it, and found nothing. I'm sorry, but it sounds like a total scam.
    The truth is that virtually every genuine audition goes straight from the directors of the play/film/show to their favoured theatrical agents, who pass the details on to their clients.
    Almost every open audition is a scam of some sort.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. Sorry.
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  • Christina answered 3 years ago
    That's what I am auditioning for at Tileyard Studios (if that's how you spell it) for the same thing, a isney channel program that I heard on the radio. Is this a scam?
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  • Johan from Sweden answered 3 years ago
    Well what you did "auditioned" for is a overpriced school, nothing else. They have no obligation to let you anywhere near DC but if they do hire people from DC to come over and watch you they will judge you through theyre normal audition standards at its best (or be sleepy and none interested at it worst) so if you arent up to theyre standards or better chances are very slim to say the best so they may have the celebs they say they have (cause there is always celebs that "do it" for money) but from there to actually see youre skills and hire you to DC I would say youre chances are bigger in any open Hollywood audition, and still you need a ton off talents to have any chance at all.

    The bottom line? If it sounds to good to be thruth its usually is. Johan.
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  • Cookiiey Ketian answered 3 years ago
    you're actually auditioning to get in the academy itself, not commercials or tv shows. ur deposit isn't refundable im afraid.if u get through the audition u have to pay the deposit the next day or else they are going to give your place to someone else. there would be workshops and after the 5th workshops is completed there would be auditions with Managers and Talent Agencies, Casting Directors and Fashion Magazines. celebs such as david henrie would be teaching lessons there. my friend auditioned last year and got through. She got to go to America for a couple of weeks and got to meet some of the disney channel stars. i think you should find out more about it. go on their website:
    if you're still not sure then contact them. i'm gonna audition again this year. When you go for your audition they give you a booklet with all the details, prices and stuff.
    I really hope this helps.


    my friend
    my audition
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