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Why don't ovens come with thermometers built in?

Every baking cookbook seems to recommend buying an oven thermometer so that you can get the temperature just right. If this is so important, why don't ovens come with a thermometer built in already? It doesn't seem like it would be very expensive to add one.

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    They do... it's just that they aren't totally accurate.

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    Oven thermometers are only good for calibrating the temp of the oven. I own a cheap one and use it every 3-4 months just to check.

    More important is owning a probe thermometer that tells you the temp of the food. Some ovens have a plug in port for a probe thermometer wire. Personally I like to keep things simple. If my oven thermometer broke, I would have to pay to have a repair done. If my probe thermometer broke, I spend $15 and get a new one.

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    They do have thermometers - but they are very cheap slow rubbish, companies cuts costs by using the cheap ones. I use a digital cooking thermometer and it shows the oven temp often swings up or down more than 40°C from where it should be.

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    Everything I've ever cooked went by oven temp, you set the oven and it cooks....isn't that akin to a thermometer???

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  • 10 years ago

    You may have found your ticket to financial freedom! Design the "universal oven thermometer" and watch the cash flow in!

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    They do have one, but like anything mechanical, they can be off. Also, I live a mile high, so mine was off from the get go. A well-calibrated second thermometer will save you from ruining and wasting food.

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    Bc you set the oven to what temp you want it to be....

    You can buy meat thermometers to put in your food and check the temp.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Design one and submit to an oven manufacturer!

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    That's a good ?

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