Lewy Body Dementia help?

My grandmother who lives at a local nursing home is 75 years old. at the 2nd of this year is when we noticed she was forgetting things. She passed a test (it consisted of writing sentences knowing numbers etc) 26 out of 34. But within the last week she failed the test only getting around 7 right. and now she has forgotten her name. They think its Lewy Dementia but i think it is something more. She became delirious within a month. She looks for dead reaitives, cant control her self, has inapporite behavior, she cant feed her self, she thinks im her daughter, she doesn't remember anything. and according to some on line health websites. it takes 5-10 years for the full effect of Lewy Dementia . Could it come on that fast? is it normal? could there be a different disease?

I was thinking it sounded more like Parkinson's disease, but then again it didn't. It was something the nurses at the nursing home have never even heard of. And im determined to figure out if it just an extremely fast case of Lewy, or if its something totally different. Is there any tests that you recommend she takes?

We can only hope her the best. She was fine when i last seen her which was christmas. and the last time i talked to her was 2 days ago. and she could remember some things. like she knew who i was (and i wasn't her daughter) she had a normal conversation she talked about her health alot. I don't see her that much. and i don't like seeing her that way. ever since she was brought into the nursing home 2 years ago our life has been crazy. i just need some help with all this.. Is it possible? to get lewy dementia within a month. I need an experts advice, someone who knows someone with this. please don't give me random answers this is serious. p.s. im only 15. it was my birthday last week and my mom picked out a present for me from her, and i thanked her, thats when i last talked to her, it was over the phone, and my moms going there tomorrow to sign "full code" papers, and im not sure what those are? so also if you could tell me what they are. thanks. (: please give me some advice and feedback. i need it. THANK YOU (in advance!)

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    Someone needs to make sure that your grandmother's fluid level is being monitored at the nursing home because the staff is obviously not doing it.

    They are correct in saying that dementia or Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) does not suddenly make symptom quantum leaps. The deterioration is progressive and slower.

    What could make such an overnight change is dehydration. I know - I went through this last winter with my husband who has PD. And we are fighting it off this winter as well. But the changes were literally overnight. It appeared that we had gone from stage 1-2 to 3-4 overnight.




    I couldn't reach his general care doc but did have some ddiscussionwith his neurologist who indicated that this kind of change couldn't be of disease origin. Light bulbs went on and I realized that my husband had been so anxious about urinary issues caused by both PD and BHP that he simply stopped drinking water (or any fluids) other than what he needed to take pills. I asked him, he told me what I wanted to hear. It was a slow process and not without residual problems but we did manage to rehydrate him slowly. I would support IV fluids for your grandmother.

    Full Code papers are also known as "do not resuscitate" which seems harsh if the nursing home wasn't taking care of business.

    I realize that with the sudden changes in your grandmother that your mother despaired of her ever recovering to be the person you all know and love. But since there do not appear to be a drug interaction causing this catastrophic decline and since it cannot be such a rapid disease change, I would look to the lowest common denominator and even though you are 15, you can make the effort. Read all you can about the side effects of dehydration and talk to all of the adult relatives to intercede with your mother on behalf of your grandmother. I know this is asking a lot but you seem to be the only one asking the right questions.

    Your grandmother needs proper treatment and ongoing attention which the nursing home should be providing.

    Best Wishes

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