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Benefit Fraud, how likely they will get caught?

I know someone claiming to be a single mother and getting everything paid for plus the money for the child. Her boyfriend works full time and brings £1000 a month. She gets a college course paid for and also works on the side bringing in £200 a week sometimes! How likely is it she will get caught without me saying anything?


They are also getting married in a year or so.

Update 2:

I know because she told me...she rubs it in my face and comes to my house and has the cheek to take the piss because i have nothing in my fridge as i cannot afford it. I couldn't report as i'd feel too guilty! Wish i was hard faced!

Update 3:

The person she works for she has knew them for years so they probably know and wouldn't say anything

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    The benefit fraud squad relies on 'tip offs' from the public in the first instance - then 'they' take over and if fraud is found they will take them through the courts every time and rightly so.

    The bad news is - when convicted these scroungers only get community service sentences for the most part - depending on the amount scammed from the benefit system + being made too pay back the monies stolen.!!

    There are millions around like these people you noticed.

    So if 'you say nothing' and neither does anyone else - they'll get away with it.!!

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    How do you know she gets all these benefits, did she tell you? She will get caught because although she is working on the side and earning £200 a week the person that gives her the £200 a week has to give details of where the £200 is going from his accounts each week - long time ago I had a cleaner working in my office for one hour per week and I paid her from petty cash, when the auditors were doing the annual check they wanted all her details. It used to be easy to get away with cash in hand jobs but not in today's computerised big brother watching us world but stay out of it and do nothing about it because it is her problem and not yours.

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    Not very likely, in my job I see a lot of people making claims for benefits they are not strictly entitled too but they get away with it due to legal loopholes and because the claims they make aren't scrutinised too carefully.

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    Not a lot unless you inform on them. It is your money they are stealing. I had 7 different households around me claiming under false pretences, our money. They have all been dealt with accordingly. They get no more financial help.

    **** on them, they are scum.

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    Very unlikely unless somebody reports them. They are stealing from everybody so should be reported.

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    10 years ago

    Not likely to get caught. Their are too many loopholes.

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    10 years ago

    only two this are guarenteed in this world, Death, and taxes. Come tax time she'll need to explain where her husband/child are.

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    She's a theif, she will get caught....

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