how much does HP Designjet 3D Printer (CQ656A) cost?

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    Hewlett Packard (HP) has released two 3D printer models, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Stratasys, a Minneapolis-based company.

    The HP Designjet 3D printer series employs Stratasys’ patented technology named “Fuel Deposition Modelling Technology” to create a 3D model of the product by adding layer upon layer of semi-molten plastic. The excess material from the printed project will be removed by the HP Designjet 3D Removal System that has to be purchased separately. This particular feature has been designed with the office environment in mind, where waste disposal may be an issue.

    The 3D printer is available in two models with the HP Designjet 3D CQ656A capable of creating ivory-coloured 3D prints in ABS material and the HP Designjet Colour 3D CQ655A capable of creating 3D ABS material models in eight colours with each part of the model having a specific colour. The latter can also print models in 30 percent larger size. The models can be handed without gloves and does not require any manual finishing.

    The new 3D printers eliminate the earlier need for a CAD image to be sent to a machinist to create a 3D model. Companies can also check errors in the 3D printed model to eliminate mistakes during or after the tooling process.

    With retail prices to start at 13,000 Euros (approx US$17,500) for the HP Designjet 3D CQ656A and US $ 22,026 for the HP Designjet Color 3D CQ655A , HP plans to target businesses, engineers and designers in the automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics field.

    The printers will be initially sold in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and UK from May onwards. HP and Stratasys also have an agreement under which Stratasys will cease to sell its uPrint models which are similar to the Designjet, in HP’s target countries. However, the company will sell its larger 3D printers in these countries.

    So count around $ 20,000 depends on retailer and quantity bought.

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    Hp 3d Printer Price

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    The DNJ8000s costs about US$18-20k at list prices. I believe you should be able to get dealer prices which are slightly lower. The US$3k+ are just the accessories... air purification systems, etc.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    about $3,500.00 smackers. gives or takes a few hundred.

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