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My co-worker down at the beauty salon is very bitchy to me; how can I get him to lighten up?

Julio was always the one the little old ladies flocked to for their blue hair rinse until I started working there, but these days those old ladies are flocking the daylights out of ME. I can't help it if I have the talent that Julio doesn't have, and his jealousy is making him unreasonably bitchy towards me.

It all started when that sexy octogenarian Mrs. Shnitzky came to me for a complete makeover and left looking like a million bucks! Believe me, the bingo hall set was envious of Shnitzky when they saw that the Lady Gaga treatment I had given her eyes matched perfectly with her cataracts, and that the temporary butterfly tattoo I had placed on her breast just above her peek-a-boo top was a delightful cover-up for that scar from her last knee replacement!

Well, ever since then, I have been the star down at the Kunte and Kurle Salon, and Julio has been stuck giving bikini waxes to the dames from Plaid & Birkenstocks Retirement Villa. Instead of accepting this graciously, however, Julio has been doing horrible things to sabotage me, like spreading the word that I have a wife and kids at home! What self-respecting matron is going to come to a straight man to have her hair done?! I think this is just too low, but Julio just sashays right past me, saying stuff like, "You'll be doing wash-and-sets on the morgue populace before too long, sweetie."

I've tried to counter his slander by being as super fem as I know how, but absolutely no one believed that Phil, the guy who pumps septic tanks in my trailer park, was actually my boyfriend. I had asked him to stop by to help me make an impression, but when he came in, he reeked so badly I just couldn't kiss him. Julio seized the opportunity to say loudly, "You must not love your man too much if you can't even kiss him....IF he's really your man!" I could have cried, but everyone would have thought it was just the bouquet of perm solution and septic tank getting to me.

My job is in jeopardy! How can I get Julio to lighten up and not be so bitchy, and safeguard my job and clientele?

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    Would you like me to have a "word" to this Julio luv? You know, bi t ch to bi t ch?

    God, I hate small minded and jealous people who just can't seem to accept that there are people out there who are more talented or more successful than them. **throws rock through neighbour's BMW.**

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    What a nasty little trollop this Julio sounds like. I think you need to teach him a lesson.

    You should waste no time in grabbing him up by the front of his shirt, pressing him forcefully up against the stock room wall, and let him know you fully intend to shoving your talents down the throats of him and anyone else. Tell him you expect him to take it like a man too... you may have to get rough with him.

    *side note - there is a Plaid and Birkenstocks Retirement Villa? I wonder how long of a waiting list they have because that sounds like just the place for my aging mother. I hope maybe she can find some friends who will enjoy her "Celtic Menstruating Women" CD series as much as she does.

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    Oh my firstly well done for writing this all out, and secondly, play Julio's game and soon he will get bored of it, when he realizes you are not giving in and then show him who is boss!!

    ignoring him will make him weaker & you stronger :)

    if that doesn't work report him to your boss or find ways to steal his customers, by getting in some certain people and style them, then start showing off how you work!!

  • Lisa
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    10 years ago

    Next time he says something, say, "Poor love, he can't control his jealousy." Repeat this everytime until he finally stops. Sound like a broken record. Because this is the truth, he will eventually get it when it's repeated numerous times.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Start leaving brochures around for the "New Kids On The Block" Carnival Cruise. And tell all the biddys that you've already booked passage. If that doesn't prove it, nothing will.

    Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Just drop a bottle of peroxide down his pants. Then he'll lighten up!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Like the sands in the hour are the days of our lives...

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    slap the crap outta him and woops, it thought u were a girl lol

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    Cant you report him to your boss or someone?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Act bitchy back and show him how is boss. :)

    Source(s): Me. :)
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