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Hockey fans: What is your favorite NHL team?

Just doing a little poll to see how many fans there are of each team in this section. I will post the results later, so check this question every few days and once it's resolved, I will show you the fan breakdown.

**It is important that you star so that as many people as possible can see this so the results are more accurate**

**Also, NHL teams only!!**


I will start off with the first vote, my team is the Washington Capitals!!



Red Wings- 13%

Rangers- 3%

Canadiens- 11%

Leafs- 16%

Penguins- 8%

Capitals- 13%

Kings- 3%

Avalanche- 3%

Flames- 3%

Panthers- 3%

Hurricanes- 5%

Canucks- 5%

Devils- 5%

Sharks- 3%

Bruins- 3%

Blackhawks- 5%

Flyers- 3%

All teams not mentioned got no votes so they are 0%.

I'm letting it go to a vote!

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