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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

my american staffie has gone of her food someone help please?

hi guys please help me my 2year old american staffy has gone of her food only having a Small hand full size of food at a time she is drinking water. she had a major operation on her hind leg about 5 weeks ago and she has lost alot of weight and is still limping i have taken her to the vet and they keep saying the same thing over and over again she is Still healing and just show her heaps of love and attention witch she is getting don't let her run on her leg my dog has a awesome personality very play full and is usually a very happy and active dog who love's her food now she turns her head up and just about everything you give her or she has in one time and wont touch it again someone help me please she has lost alot of weight and we went to the vet last week and they said the same thing just show her heaps of love and attention wil im sorry but it ain't working any ideas anyone anything


i have no idea why my page says im in the uk im in new zealand lol dont no y its sdintng uk..... any how as for the dog i have been to see another vet and they have told me that she is proberly depressed as she is usual outside alot plaing with us and the kids and since she has had her opperstion she has not been able to run around and play with the kids so i have been to the pet shop to find someother food types and treats to see if she wil take a likeing to any of them no luck yet fingers crossed it is depression and not some infection because i will be very angry with the vet if she gets realy sick

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  • 10 years ago
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    I would be asking the vet for a referral to a canine internal medicine specialist or maybe an othopedic specialist needs to examine and xray the leg.

    It's all very well for the vet to tell you to show her love and attention but that won't stop her from limping and neither will it cause her appetite to return. I think a specialist is the only way you'll find out what the problem is and there is a problem. The silly vet is in denial. You know your dog better than the vet does and if you think all is not well, you are right.

    Something's wrong. My girl had 2 x TPLO surgeries on her knees which as you probably know is major surgery. She was crated with only on leash toilet breaks for 6 weeks each time. After 6 weeks she could have a 5 minute walk increasing by 5 minutes per week. She was weight bearing the day after each surgery and didn't limp at all when I was walking her in the yard.

    My girl was swimming 3 times a week in a heated hydrotherapy pool at 2 weeks post surgery and I think that helped a lot with her recovery.

    ADD: Julissa are you deliberately trying to be obtuse or does it come naturally. Don't be so silly and stop giving bad advice.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    My overly active dog blew out both cruciate ligaments (several months apart) several years back and never turned her nose up at her food during recovery after surgery. I would be very concerned for 3 main things: 1) infection, 2) extreme pain that is not being accounted for and/or 3) medication she may be receiving that is killing her appetite. I would go to another vet to make sure nothing serious is wrong like an infection first or some other complication post-surgery and to try to evaluate her loss of appetite which is completely not normal 5 weeks out. Also, some medications are very irritating to a dog's digestive tract and need to be given with food. So you may be in a cycle of digestive upset if she's not eating and on meds. Have you tried something like boiled chicken or ground beef (fat rinsed off)? Or something REALLY hard for her to refuse? Sometimes when a dog is under stress post surgery, their regular food is not appealing. So I would be even more concerned if you are enticing her with really yummy foods and she still won't eat. I use ground beef as my gauge. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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  • 10 years ago

    So the major surgery was probably a cruciate ligament operation was it ?

    This in itself is months of dedicated recuperation to get this right. She would still be limping after 5 weeks. I nurse all cruciates back for our rotties in rescue, and have nursed back about 12 over the years plus given recuperation advice on others.

    However, if the dog has gone off food then the vet should be checking for infection here. It is very possible. Feel the leg and see if it is really hot.

    You are showing up as UK which means that the American Staffie is actually a banned breed so not sure whether your vet is aware of this and being cautious. He should not be saying "show her heaps of love and attention".... NEVER heard a vet offer that advice for getting over major surgery, and cruciate if it is that. He should be checking for joint infection and then giving you guided recupertaion advice such as lead walks in the garden only for wees and then building very very slowly such as 5 times 2 mins per day for a week and then 5 times 3 mins per day etc....

    A cruciate ligament op will take about 6 months in total and even then you have to be careful.

    Add - totally with Moondog on this especially regarding the cruciate op.

    There is one other possibility here and I have seen it happen, and have nursed a dog through it, and that is if you failed to give her the proper attention when she'd just had the operation. If you left her offlead to run down the garden then it could of gone again.

    This actually happened to a dog in rescue that wasn't given correct post op care. Two months later he was with me to help him, and I knew it wasn't right. Got him back to the vet and it had in fact completely gone again.

    A slight limp would still be there at 5 weeks though.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    This is probably something pretty minor. A lot of times when a dog doesn't eat it is actually a behavioral problem.

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