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hand written will is it leagel?

if i write a will with two witneses is it leagal

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    First of all, a Will can be legal even if it is not signed.

    However it would have to be proved it was in your own handwriting.

    If it was typed then it would have to be witnessed by 2 independent witnesses.

    The witnesses are witness to the signing of the Will only and can therefore still be beneficiaries.

    If you have a very simple Will, eg. only a single beneficiary, then you may be ok but if it contains multiple beneficiaries or high cash and property values then you would be better getting it done professionally.

    Ask for advice though, do not just pop into any old solicitors without having checked first.

    Source(s): This only refers to Wills made under Scottish Law.
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    Yes, it is perfectly legal in the U.K. It is, as someone has mentioned, known as a holographic will. Make sure that the witnesses sign with their names and addresses and occupations in block capitals and that they see you sign the will before adding their signatures. They are, in fact, witnesses to the fact that you signed it and not to its contents.

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    In the UK as long as they witness your signature it is legal - You will need to make sure you check your terminology though when writing it as they can sometimes be disputed if not worded correctly

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    In the UK it is. You can even buy will forms in stationery shops.

    Note it is the signature that must be witnessed. Others need not see you write the will or need to know what it says.

    Remember that a beneficiary in the will cannot witness your signature.

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    It depends on where you live. This is known as a "holographic will" and it's enforceability in court depends on local laws.

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    NO. It is the will and some witnesses may identify the signature( in India.)

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    In most jurisdictions. Not knowing where you are, talk to the local probate court.

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    In many states it is legal. Have notarized.

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    Best get some help with your spelling when you do it.

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