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Is doctor a businessman? Why is doctor more respectable than salesman? Please read below before any comment.?

If being salesman is not insult in your opinion, would you invite him to say your house, introduce him to your family or make him friend or will you not treat him as untouchable at public places, parties, big events like weddings? I am saying this because i do this to them. I think that all professions are equally respectable only when lost in emotions. But practically, when i go to public place or am in group, i really dont think these professions like salesman, peon, sweeper etc. to be respectable at all. Infact i feel insulted for being with people in such professions. I have heard many people saying that all professions are equally respectable but i dont think so when in public or with family. I have this opinion only when i am alone at home in thoughts. Are those people misguiding me? Will people who say that 'all jobs are respectable', in practical, respect peon, salesman, sweeper etc. in public places, feel free to invite them at house and introduce them to family in weddings and call them at weddings? Is opinion that 'all jobs are equally respectable' used for leg pulling, for misguiding, for having fun by confusing others or real and practical truth? Please think a lot before answering. Your answer could be a matter of my life or death. So please answer seriously unless you are selfish murderer.

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    It's just a matter of perception, very particular, but justified.

    In fact, you reflect how you feel, not what others think about you,

    you should not care about other's opinions and focus on what you are, respect yourself in the first place and forget about the others.

    They feel they're important, then we all feel the same, because they did it in the first place, then we follow the trend, do the same with your person, your thoughts, etc.

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    Social status and respectability are not the same thing, a king may respect a servant because the servant is respectable and a beggar may hold a doctor in contempt because the doctor does not respect himself enough to treat others with civility. The social status of a doctor is always higher than that of a beggar of course, but that is inherited or part and parcel of his profession, his respectability is a part of himself and depends entirely upon his own behaviour.

    But to put it all simply, a professional whose work requires education and money to enter is presumed to have had professional parents and has, therefore, a higher social status than one whose profession can be learnt as it is undertaken. A peon, on the other hand, is a Spanish or Mexican peasant and not of any profession as such, nor is a sweeper a profession, it is just a job. A salesman belongs to the merchant class, not the professional one and a hotel owner is in trade as is a factory owner or shop keeper. I do not know of any professional man who would invite a peon to a family dinner, let alone a wedding and I can not imagine where you have been meeting such a wide selection of people as this, the different incomes would usually keep them to different places of recreation if nothing else did.

    On the other hand, if I met a peon at a party or elsewhere then I trust that I would have the good breeding to treat him with civility and respect unless he did or said something to forgo such treatment from anyone...snobbery is the armour of the socially insecure.

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  • 9 years ago

    you are an idiot and need a serious treatment.

    consult some mental doctor and see if they can help you out.

    I really mean this and you seriously need some help and you seriously need to think other way.

    Every profession is respectable no matter if that's said by a peon or a manager or even the so called doctor.. All professions have dignity of labour..and they all have equal importance..

    In fact a peon or a nurse profession is more respectable than a manager or your so called doctor as they are the real kind enough with service at heart who cleans ur **** not the so called doctors or ur kids and kins...

    I have read there are some untouchable issues in asian countries now after reading your post I feel like it's not really strange as people like u in western countries have such idiotic and lame opinions then why not an illiterate in asian countries have such untouchable issues?

    I pity those who know you (friends and family) for having such pathetic person like you.

    People like u does not deserve anything good in life..

    by the way I own 2 corporate companies..

    Pigs like you should never exists

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  • 9 years ago

    All men are equal and the dollar does not distinguish between the pauper and the king. There are good and bad in every walk of life and labelling status because of a person's job is outdated and wrong. So called " men of God" have preached love and abused children. Some people who were deemed evil have turned out good. If you take people at face value and allow them to be themselves rather than following stereotypical "types", your attitude might be enlightened. Each person has their own role to play in life.

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