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When the Pima County Sheriff was applauding Obama?

For codemning those using this tragedy to point fingers and score political points. Do you think he had any clue Obama was pointing him out?


"Bavarian" - Obama was talking about ANYBODY using this tragedy as an opportunity to point fingers and blame in order to score political points. In case you haven't been paying attention, that's all that sheriff has been doing. He even blamed Rush Limbaugh for it.

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    No the son to be ex Sheriff obviously hasn't a clue in my opinion

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    I thought of that sheriff as well. That guy ought to resign due to his lack of professionalism. He's caused a great deal of the issues and anger surrounding this.

    Also, if his office had been responsible about the complaints filed on this guy in the past, perhaps none of this would have happened.

    He's been out there naming names and being cruel and I think he should turn around his pointing finger and point it directly at himself here. Who's more at fault? Sarah Palin (I'm not a fan, but...) for her chart about VOTES that was showing where the Republicans need to target their attention or him? He is! He should have arrested this guy. Not only were they irresponsible, but someone from the local police pulled him over for running a red light 3 hours before the shooting. Give me a break.

  • I am sure not. Because I am coming to believe that many on the left are so convinced that they are right, they honestly feel that it's OK to ram unpopular legislation through in the dead of night, and that anyone who even questions it is so stupid or such a troublemaker that their opinion is not worth hearing at the very least, and should be actively silenced and punished at worst. They believe they have all the answers, and feel it's their duty to discredit and stifle those who stand in their way.

    I bet the Chinese government feels largely the same way - and there are liberals like Thomas Friedman who applaud them.

  • Don M
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    This stupid sheriff should have been squirming in his seat, but maybe he's not bright enough to recognize the import of what Obama was saying.

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  • Anonymous
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    I imagine the sheriff's mind was on how many votes he would need in the next election to keep his job. He is digging himself one massive hole concerning that election. He needs to be replaced. He is a disgrace to that badge.

  • Polly
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    It is more likely he recognised the picture of himself while obama was talking. If you are guilty, then the message sounds like it's aimed at you...kind of like if you talk about obesity in front of obese people...they automatically feel it's about them.

    The sheriff is guilty and reacted as such.

  • "Obama was talking about ANYBODY using this tragedy as an opportunity to point fingers" when in reality ONLY DEMOCRAT are (still) doing it and he no-doubt meant "people defending against being lied about."

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    Obama said "people" should engage in civil discourse.

    He did not say ALL people should engage in civil discourse.

    In liberal code language, if he does not say ALL people, then he really means only SOME people.

    And I think we all know who those SOME PEOPLE are.

    the sheriff got the message loud and clear. He got his "Atta boy" from the Messiah.

    When liberals say what people "should" do, it NEVER APPLIES TO THEM. They are only talking about what OTHER PEOPLE shoud do.

    Liberal code talking. You gotta love it.

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    He and all other Nazi-level progressives are getting exposed... sad how many lives it often takes... but the President has finally taken our side and condemned theirs. I am proud of him.

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    No, I think Obama was talking about the media and political pundits.

    Edit: My answer is still no. The Sherriff doesn't have a TV/radio show of his own, I've only heard him speak at the initial press conference but it's been non-stop "debate" on all the media outlets and I think that's what Obama was speaking to. It's just my opinion, dude.

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