hot sex fetish (very weird). what to do?

i'm about to buy a house and be locked into it for the next 15-20 years because i have a radiator fetish. what can I do?

it started way back in school. i had got my first period and was whisked off to the gym's changing rooms with my friend.

blood in my panties and it had started to show on my trousers aswell. so had a shower, washed out my panties and give my trousers a bit of a scrub.

now half naked with just spare towel around me i cuddled aganst the radiator next to my cloths in an attempt to dry them and keep warm so i didn't have to wear the lost property (eek).

we just chatted for about 20 minutes about random stuff until the topic got on to the subject of boys and sex now that i'm bleeding and could get pregnant etc...

at this point, i have to say i've never even kissed a boy, never mind sex... but my friend was telling me how hot a penis feels and started to rub herself up the corner of the radiator saying this feels like him on top of you and it just kinda started from there.

throughout my teenage years i'd leave my homework until last moment and copy other girls, just so I could do it the break before class. I'd stay in the hall wayout of sight of the teachers and other students and lean over a radiator onto the shelf while i copy my work, rubbing my self (making it look like i was tapping my feet as i was rushing, incase anyone caught me) until i mostly *** and then off to class i'd trot, happy and red face glowing.

later on, I needed that 'warm' feeling all the time to orgasam. my parents house had forced air heating, so i'd got myself a few fluffy animal hot water bottles and humped them. later i turned to filling old sample bottles with warm water for that 'hot penis' my friend talked about.

its now 15 years later and i still masturbate while sitting on a hot radiator, the smell of the heat or just catching an unexpected glimps of a radiator gets me wet. not any radiator will do though, they have to be the old cast iron, colomn ones like i had at school.

i've had sex in more pubs then i'd like to remember,but mostly because they commonly have the cast iron type that i can get pushed up aganst or layback on so my *** is hot.

my fetish has escalated to the point its out control now. i have a really nice boyfriend who doesn't know about my fetish i just tell him i like victorian features, hot water bottles are for period cramps etc and as such we're just about to get a morage on a house because of it has a bay window with a large cast iron radiator in the middle. we've already had sex over one like it several times before (yes i told you it was out of control) from a house i rented a few years back... and can't wait for winter when the heating will be set to max.

what do i do to stop this weird fetish? do i embrace it or stop it? very confused.

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  • MD
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    10 years ago
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    I think you may want to speak with someone who can help you depend less on the radiator method and focus on your bf. It is not unusual for someone to develop a fetish at an early age and then it becomes harder to control. After all you are buying a house to have sex with a radiator. Do you really like the house that much :)

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    Radiator Sex

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    Ihave the same fetish and im a boy... idk what to do either.. id like to stick my penis between the ribs and smell the hot air that gets me to orgasm real fast... i also imagine girls sitting on radiators and that gets me horny af.. i almsot cant handle it tooo.. when we go out and some girls sit beside a radiator or something i cant stop thinking of her naked or having sex with her against this warm radiator

    i dont know what to do either.. cant help me and no1 else has this fetish.. id really like to have a GF having the same fetish taht would be the perfect match

    hope u can handle ur fetish now and pls tell me how u do it


  • 5 years ago

    I have the same fetish and it started at grade school as well

    I even have a heat fetish gallery on motherless it is mostly radiators.

    One solution to needing a radiator is to get one of those electric space heter radiators rather than buying a house with them .

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  • 10 years ago

    Well - I wouldn't say weird, but it's certainly most unusual. I can understand your desire for warmth but I find it hard to imagine anything more uncomfortable than radiators! I think you should stick to your hot water bottles - at least they have the cuddle factor.

  • 7 years ago

    Not too unusual, embrace the need for warmth if your bf is anything like my wife he will understand, I like using fan heaters to have warm air blowing on me very erotic especially in the winter :-)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    yes its weird, not so much the heat thing but radiators, i say do it on the radiator with your bf and make out you have just discovered the fetish, anyway your boyfriend will have a fetish all guys do so as long as you see each other right he wont mind. you will end up handcuffed to one with thigh high boots getting spanked and you will live happily ever after

  • 10 years ago

    By stopping it, you mean it's over - no longer commanding your life, and it will consume both your waking and sleeping state....

    By embracing it, you mean becoming immersed in all the nuances, every aspect of your being given to it's urges...

    If you regard it as such and need it to stop, then seek professional help.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hey you're harming no-one , embrace it , tell your boyfriend its no big deal , you can get old rads from salvage yards and also modern reproduction ones so go buy any house you want and have fun installing them

  • ronald
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    4 years ago

    You could use the method of allowing yourself to near the point of now return and slow down and then go back to that level over and over. It will help you to learn to control your orgasms. Go here

    Controlling levels of arousal is what it comes down to. If you ejaculate once even twice before actual intercourse that might help you out.

    What I always tell guys to do is to lay on their partner, penetrate but do not thrust. Just remain in this position and take time to cuddle, kiss, talk dirty whatever else. Then slowly work your way towards thrusting and if you feel yourself start to want to blow stop. Even pull out if you have to. Then take time to go down on her, more foreplay and such the resume sex stopping before you get to that point of no return. In time, practicing this method, you should be able to recognize your levels of arousal and control your orgasms and teach yourself to last as long as you want.

    The issue is purely a mental one, in most cases. And it is all about self control and being able to recognize your physical responses to sex and cognitively be able to control them.

    Chances are if you are turned on enough as long as you can last a few minutes that should be long enough. If you orgasm once, in many men, they may need to cool down for a minute but they can still get an erection and have sex a second third or even more times after that.

    If the problem is severe enough my advice is that you see an actual sex therapist and maybe try taking SSRI antidepressants. If you do get on pills like that don't use that as a cure all. And it might work too well and prevent you from orgasm altogether. If you do go that route use them as part of therapy and still consult an expert. You can over come PE and learn to last as long as you want though.

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