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Do prostitutes actually enjoy their job, or is it litterally just work to them?

I am just wondering how many prostitutes do their job by their own will, and how many ones are forced to do that.

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    There are a lot of prostitutes who have "pimps" and if they have a pimp it's almost no safe way out of it. These woman have to walk the streets and they actually make little to nothing selling their bodies. The pimp takes all of the money they earned. A lot of them are on drugs (to try to cope with their life). There has been many cases of pimps beating and sometimes killing the woman if she tries to get out. You wanna know the really sad part? People often forget that there are children whom are prostituted as well. Especially in the poor neighborhoods where drugs, prostitute, pimps, crimes, etc plague. It's extremely depressing. Human/child trafficking is a HUGE problem in the United States. And what have our political leaders done to bring awareness to the problem and try to fix it? I

    On the other hand. You have those "high class" prostitutes. (I don't know why the call them high class, because there's classy about what they're doing) These woman work for agencies that set em' up with rich gentlemen that can pay a couple of thousands for their services. These woman generally love with their doing. The feel like a star. Like it's a Moulin Rouge or something. They are also set up with athletes, musicians, actors, and other public figures. Las Vegas, California, Arizona are full of women like this. I lived in Cali and AZ and I've been to Vegas a few times. I learned to be weary when dating men who can buy almost anything they want.

    I met a girl who is a porn star. She is a friend of a friend. She was nice and cool person to hang out with. She is an outgoing "party girl" type. She talked to me about her job and she told me that she needs the money. She said that sometimes she'd make as much as $7,000 a video. I think when women get into this kind of business, it's hard to turn down the money. Especially when it's easy money. All she has to do is a sex for an hour or two and BAM... she has a couple thousand to put in her bank account.

    Source(s): Observations from the places I've lived.
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    In places where prostitution is illegal or sell sex-slaves, there are obviously workers who don't enjoy it, because many are being exploited. In many places where it is legal and workers provide this service on their own terms, you may find that they vary, from simply seeing it as a job to enjoying sex while making money at the same time.

    I've seen a show on the Bunny Ranch (Nevada, US), those women seem to enjoy their jobs MUCH more than the average street prostitute in the US, who has to give up most of her income to a pimp, and may or may not be on drugs.

    Prostitution has been around for many civilizations and will continue to exist, whether it is illegal or not.

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    Yes, it is a job. Define job as providing a product or service for the purpose of compensation (whether with currency or trade). Now, whether it is legal determines where you reside. In Germany and Mexico it is legal and controlled to a certain extent. In Germany they have the Red Light district with institutionalized prostitution which could be considered safest (they are required physicals frequently). In Mexico the women carry special cards that indicate their clean status and registration. All of these prostitutes are strict on requiring the use of condoms.

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    I would think after awhile it's like shaking hands or going to the bathroom, just something you do that loses all meaning. Plus some are forced into it. One woman who my friend knew used to advertise online and it was a combo of drug use, not having enough money (she lived near the Clinton's so everything is relative I guess) and she said that's all men want anyway, might as well have them pay for it. But she got caught.

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    I think the prostitutes who enjoy it long term fare very few. The ones who set their own agenda are fewer than the ones who were trafficked or pimped or broke and drug addicted

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    Think there are 100's of reasons why a person would do that job. Usually its not by choice but necessity or being forced.

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    hahah, some of them would definitely like it, getting paid for a root, could be pretty sweet. but then again there are definitely some people that are forced into it due to children, trying to survive, ect. Street prostitutes, hookers you see at night generally are been forced to, like they have no other option. however professional prostitutes, like a whore house, they woman there are generally there by their own will. but again, this isn't definite there would be cases which are the opposite of what i said

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    I would assume that they hate their job. I don't understand how anyone could actually like that job. It's very depressing to think about the people in those situations.

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    Lets not get into this perception that women prostitutes are poor down trodden people forced into what they do. A lot of them, like men, enjoy regular sex 'and' get paid for it. Its a win win situation. It actually empowering to women. They have what men want and make a living from it.

    Of course you get the other seedy side of things but I think in general they do what they do because they want to.

    British people have to lose their reservations about sex as dirty and seedy. Its a normal human need and desire.

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    I'm sure as with any job, people have different levels of job satisfaction.

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