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Do prostitutes enjoy sex?

I asked this in the pub and the answers I got included, 'Who cares about THEM?', 'No, they're just after the money,' and 'Most of them are man-haters.' Further insights welcomed.

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    With their customers? Of course not!

    Its not like they have a choice to only do it with the Brad Pitt lookalikes of this world!

    Most of the time they've probably got their face in some fat, inadequate guys stinky lap, feeling like they're gonna puke any moment and keeping the thought of the cash firmly in their mind.

    They only act like they enjoy it to get the guy to *** quicker so they can get it over with!

    Few are like 'Belle de Jour'. Most are in highly dangerous situations on the streets selling themselves for a piitance to feed their drug habit.

    They need help to get off drugs, not men exploiting them.

    Maybe some high end ones enjoy it but they have the luxury of choosing their clients since they aren't desperate for the cash.

    And if you choose to have sex with a man then you usually enjoy it.

    But no one enjoys HAVING to service loads of guys they don't like, don't find attractive, probably treat them like rubbish, and probably are too stinky/wierd/inadequate to be able to have sex with a regular woman without paying for it!

    @REALITY PLUS ...... Sure they want return custom. FOR THE MONEY!!! Not because they enjoy sex with the sorry specimins they have to service!

    @SUNFLASH85 - I think in Nevada prostitution is a great deal different to the way it is elsewhere. Legalised prostitution gives women safety and choices. The prostitution most of us are talking about is illegal, therefore allows exploitation of already very vunerable women. In my reply I am talking about the everyday prostitutes you see on the streets of the UK, usually young, poor and desperate. I find it hard to believe that any man can fool himself into thinking that they are actually enjoying their work. Would you if you were forced to be a rent boy? Exactly.

    EDIT - LOL! 2 thumbs down! Looks like we have some of those 'inadequates' on here!!! LOL

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    Do Prostitutes Like Sex

  • 10 years ago

    Most prostitutes don't do it for the sex, but as a way of making fast money. Usually a life of abuse behind them, they lose any sense of self worth.

    Then you have these escorts, who are more glamorous, and although probably enjoy sex, do it still to earn fast money without actually having to work.

    So, yes I would say it is more about money than sex- because otherwise they would do it for free!

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    I didnt mind it too much

    there was this one guy used to dress up in a suit of armour like an ol english knight?

    I didnt complain at first, until he got out the glove puppets - then it just got weird...

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    Prostitition (except it quite is pressured) is in basic terms a activity. There are stable and undesirable days at artwork. maximum of them won't even see it as intercourse. maximum refuse to kiss and don't p.c. to climax themselves. They save that for the only they love, lower back homestead.

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    Most streetwalkers do not enjoy sex - with MEN. But many of your well-paid, high-priced call girls do. Naturally they enjoy the money and power, but some admit having to resist having climaxes.

    Hopefully in life I will never have to resort to pay-for-play. Yeah we men pay one way or another. But if a female does not like me, I want NOTHING to do with her.

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    brad pitt is ugly. Who pays you people to post this stuff. As for liking sex. Generally,I would say no. But its not impossible for there to be good chemistry. Depends on the guy.

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    I wouldn't have thought they would enjoy the majority of encounters because the session would be focussed on what the client would want, so I couldn't imagine many people enjoying such a variety of sexual preferences.

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    Some prostitutes do enjoy it. For some, it's why they got into prostitution.

    In Nevada, prostitution is legal and carefully regulated. Prostitutes always use condoms and they are allowed to reject clients. Look on YouTube for a member called FeministWhore. She is a legal prostitute who campaigns for sex-workers' rights and against illegal forms of prostitution, such as forced and child prostitution.

    Source(s): I've read about prostitution for college.
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    I would say that most of them are strictly in it for the money, but some of them probably find the idea of being cheap and used arousing and they entered this world to satisfy this desire,

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