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Odd/funny question about...poo:/? go about your day and you get that urge..

so off you go and plonk down on the loo and start to strain..

and strain..

and strain.....

constipation it obviously is,right..but what i dont understand about the constipation issue IS as such?

the bit when its poking out the "turtle head"scenario?

it pokes out on straining and sucks back in on relax or untill youve ran outa breath, why?

you either give up or if your lucky eventually its like a bungee snap and weeey it comes!

what about from extreme solids half way then nasty runs the rest?

I dont get it lol sooooo sorry guys whats your thoughts lol???

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    There is a possibility you have irritable bowel syndrome (also known as spastic colon). The constipation/diarrhea symptom is very suggestive. I suggest you try adding in extra fiber and using a live yogurt (such as Activia)

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    i dont get it either o.O

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