Recurring spots on corners of

I have been suffering with this for about 5-6years now, quite often i get a pain full spot on the side of my mouth just in the corner, it stays there for ages as a "blind spot" pain full to touch, no head and enough to make me scream if attempt to squeeze it. After a while it will develop into a white head and just damn huge n ugly!!!!

it'll eventually clear but will leave a pink/purple scar like patch that's noticeable and next thing another spot decides to pop up in a never ending cycle! sometimes it happens on the other side as well! its getting to me as this area of skin is slowly getting damaged and fragile with pit hole scars? it just looks like ive got a blob of jam permanently there!

I stopped biting my nails, i don't wear lipstick or foundation whats going on its getting to me:(

anyone who knows why this is? oh and its def not herpes or anything dodgy like that its a proper spots...HELP AND ADVICE???????

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  • 10 years ago
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    Speak with your gp and get something specific for it. You may need something like an antibiotic cream or tablet, or it may be something quite simple to treat with a cold core remedy.

  • robert
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    4 years ago


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