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what would happen if i put too much antifreeze in my car?

i just got my car back from garage after fixing my radiator fan because the relay switch was broken so they had to drain my water out. i just had a look at the reservoir tank and it was'nt up to the max line so i just topped it up only half a litre of antifreeze so i can get it to the max line. the thing is the garage has already put 2 and a half litre antifreeze in my car. is it still safe to drive or will i have to drain some out, i am thinking about letting it go down on its own. i hope that will be ok. thank you for any feedbacks i get

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    it isn't an issue at all . best mixture ratio are 50-50% water and anti=freeze but running it on a heavier ratio say .. 75% anti and 25% water will not hurt it at all.

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    The following is absolutely the truth: Pure 100% full strength antifreeze will freeze solid @ +10 above zero F. When you mix full strength antifreeze 50/50 with distilled water it will protect the cooling system down to - 38 below zero F. On the reverse side of antifreeze bottles you will see a chart which will explain more mix ratios for a lower freeze point. Keep in mind that the more antifreeze in the system, the more difficult it is for the water-jacket walls to transfer heat to the coolant and the slower the radiator gets rid of the heat from the coolant.

  • if your question is about the level in the over flow tank, then if it is over full, that will not be a problem until the next warm spell when the system heats up and more fluid will fill that tank. it might over fill and some drain out of that tank onto the floor looking like a leak. if you are talking about the ratio of water to afc, then it will not be a problem either. a stronger mixture to an extent will reduce the chance for rust and corrosion as well as provide a better temperature protection in the boiling range.

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    It would kind of matter what type of antifreeze your car takes. Lets say 50/50, you can fill it up all the way. I never heard of putting too much antifreeze in a car but just don't mix them. That would be the worst thing to do. The anti-freezes have different types of mixtures.

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    Yes it will be fine. 50:50 mix is standard for the UK, but stronger mix will do no harm whatsoever.

    I don't know where Huge got his info from. Antifreeze mix actually improves summer cooling. Many brands use the fact as a selling point.

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    It should be fine but I would change it and correct the mixture in the late Spring. Ethylene Glycol in anti-freeze is not such a good conductor of heat as water so you need to correct the mixture to ensure your engine does not overheat in the summer. A 50% mix will cause you to loose about 20% of the cooling capacity of pure clean water.

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    you could run on 100% antifreeze with no ill effects, might be a plan to water it down a bit if it gets really hot in the summer though!

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    I presume the garage put the correct amount in, if the put 2lt of antifreeze then they should have put 2lt water as you mix it half and half. If it only has antifreeze and not water I would not drive it until you put water in it

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    Shouldn't make that much difference, R U off to iceland next then?

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    you are safe

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