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Is Wiki answers less cliquey and corrupt than Yahoo Answers?

I'm really just interested in answering people's questions and getting intelligent answers.

Not forming little cliques, ganging up on people, getting people's questions and answers deleted out of spite.

Is Wikianswers better if you're just interested in information?

Polite helpful answers only please (if that's possible)


Johnny sniper,

I would have to disagree about the better answers on YA

I only answer zoology questions which have been answered inaccurately (zoology is an exact science - not opinion). And most of them are answered incorrectly.

Doesn't inspire confidence.

And the questioner will often choose the worst answer as "best".

Update 2:


An interesting list of dislikes.

But my main hate is that YA is like the office I used to work at - all the pettiness,rudeness,

the tit for tat.

And the way people don't even bother to choose a best answer, when I've spent 20 minutes on it!

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    Wiki Answers has no real community as such, so there is none of the stuff you mention... However, I would still say Y!A is much better for answers, a large number of questions on Wiki Answers don't get answered or get answered very very poorly... whereas Y!A has such a large community of people willing to give answers, so I would say even with the annoying societies, trolls, 'cliques' and circle-jerking that occurs, it is still far better.

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  • Mikkh
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    Never looked at wiki answers, but yes, Yahoo Answers is far from perfect

    You get lots of answers, but the overall quality is pretty poor IMO

    1) Too many people answering questions they know very little about - basically just guessing

    2) Far too many knee-jerk answers where the first thing that pops into their head gets posted

    3) Lots of ridiculous one word answers without proper explanations

    4) Braggers or liars detailing their qualifications in depth and answering the question too briefly

    5) Idiots who answer 'I don't know'

    6) dubious characters giving contact details to solve the problem away from YA

    7) Well meaning but nonetheless misleading links from Americans posting American links for online shops, when the poster is clearly looking for prices in pounds

    8) people offering 10 points for a best answer as if it's some sort of incentive - it's not!

    On the plus side, there's one or two good answers to most questions usually, but a FAQ would really slim this board down - if people could be bothered to read it that is.

    There's the same handful of questions regurgitated week after week

    1) what is the best free virus checker - it's Avast or Avira, stop asking!

    2) can my laptop play this game - no it can't, laptops are rubbish for games

    3) my pc won't turn on/BSOD etc - take it to a local PC shop you cheapskate

    4) my pc/laptop is really slow - take it to a local PC shop....

    5) can I use a £30 graphics card for games that require a £100+ one - No you can't

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