where in Bangkok can I buy a second hand laptop?

It would be to use in Thailand for my Sons wife.


Thanks for your answer. I will be visiting Bangkok in April and want to get her a new laptop. Do siam paragon sell them. Whats the going rate for an average laptop (in Thai Baht) please.

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    10 years ago
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    If you plan to buy a new computer don't buy it in Thailand, get it in the UK, your pay less and you will get licensed software and OS. In Thailand many of the computers sold are without an OS which they will install with an illegal copy.

    The one drawback getting one in the UK is that the keyboard will not have Thai script, but this can be changed when she got it here in Thailand.

    You do not have to worry about warranty work on any name brand computer. I had a Toshiba computer purchase in the US and Toshiba did the warranty work there in Bangkok when I had problems here free of charge including putting a Thai script keyboard free of charge.

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    Cheap Second Hand Laptop

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    depending upon what she needs, there are inexpensive models sold here - - and up. The general word in Thailand is not to buy anything second hand. You might be able to get a re-conditioned computer at Pantip in Bkk but my wife insists on buying new only - - the reasoning is that if the item has any value to it, you pass it along to a family member. If it is total garbage, you sell it if you are lucky enough to find a sucker who wants to buy it.

    The other reason to buy it here is that the service agreement will be honored here.

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    10 years ago

    In Panthip Plaza and other IT malls.

    But why would you? The price of a second hand laptop is very high.

    You are MUCH better of buying a new netbook than a second hand laptop.

    The only possible advantages may be having a DVD drive and a bigger harddisk. That's all.

    The price of a second hand laptop varies, but you won't find something reasonable under Bt. 10.000. More realistically, between Bt. 12.000-15.000. The price of a NEW netbook is around Bt. 10.000 incl VAT.

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    10 years ago

    Why not get a new Netbook? She will probably have small hands anyway. With a new computer you have a warranty. Net books are pretty cheap.

    With a used laptop you might just be asking for trouble unless you know the seller. Many times people get rid of their stuff when it is worn out or not working right.

    Thai Visa Forum has info on computers and a classified section:




    You can check with Panthip Plaza where some of the repair shops may have used computers for sale and warranty their work. Same for Tukcom in Pattaya.

    Good luck.


    "I will be visiting Bangkok in April and want to get her a new laptop."

    Buying a computer where you live may be cheaper than buying one in Thailand. You can get computers in Panthip Plaza, MBK, Carrefour, Big C stores, Lotus Tesco - lots of places. But they may not be better prices than what you can get in your country, especially when they are on sale.




    Have a nice trip.

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    10 years ago


    you can get Sony vaio laptops fron the larger shopping centres and there are Sony centres in the cities

    You could buy in uk but then you have to take it and you need a charger adaptor and a few other adjustments

    Prices are about the same so my advice get a Sony they are reliable and mines still going strong after 6 years ;)

    prices about 24000 bht thats for a new model

    second hand you could try Pantip Plaza but better to get a new laptop

    Acer are quite popular and are ok maybe 17000 bht ? price range

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    10 years ago

    You can find second hand laptops in MBK and Phantip plaza.

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