What is your view on the role of Wiki leaks in the current political climate?

What do you think of the companies who have "withdrawn their support" from Wikileaks such as Paypals? How about the counter-reaction of those who have downloaded hacking software to attack those offending companies?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Wiki-leaks is walking on a tight rope. It's a fine line as to what should be transparent & what could endanger others. Many internet users believe everything should be posted, but I saw an interview with an English reporter who normally would support someone like Julian Assange & the rights for freedom of the press to divulge stories, but even he had problems with Mr. Assange, who has been quoted as having some support for the Taliban/Al Queada, because he believes Afghanistan was invaded, so he leaked secret info for the Taliban/Al Queada to be able to unscramble military technology in jeeps & other. I've tried to find the exact quote from this reporter who stated this on a CBC news interview, but have had no luck thus far, otherwise I'd include it in "Sources". If this is true, then Mr. Assange is no better than those he goes after to hold them up to higher standards.

    In my opinion, some things should be leaked... like the airforce shooting at reporters & civilians early on in Afghanistan, but other stuff is just PURE GOSSIP QUOTES that have no bearing on our lives. How many times have any one of you in the world blown your stack over an event, then turned arould & tweeted or emailed nasty or possibly incriminating statements about that someone regarding that event. If your email or tweet was shown around the world, imagine how you'd be judged. It's pandering to the new world order of gossiping & judging others behaviors, without being judged on yours for gossiping about it.

    I don't support Wiki-leaks, but I do think some of it's documentation is our need to know to up hold Democracy. If Deep Throat didn't come forth to the reporters about Watergate, Nixon would have gotten away with much more. I don't support the counter reaction of those who overloaded the businesses of Master Card & Visa, etc. It was an adolescent reaction, just like so many Anarchist protests with thuggery, that causes more problems for the average person than helping their cause.

    (Apologies for the spelling errors... spell check is not working & I'm atrocious at spelling!)

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    gained it? We does no longer have even been allowed to combat it! The appeaser Chamberlain might've been in charge in England; the U.S. might have remained completely out of the combat till it replaced into too late; and no-one might have even spoken up while Hitler waltzed into Poland. The casualties at Normandy on my own might have had the fowl-hearted lib doves clamoring for a "non violent answer." Hitler, with the desire to combat and a very first value protection tension, might have owned Europe and Japan might have owned Asia. And wager who could have been left all on my own over right here in this area of the Atlantic to fend off the two by way of ourselves while it could have been impossible to realize this. Yup, the sturdy previous lib infested U.S. are you able to assert "citadel u.s." boys and ladies?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The United States Of Authoritarianism

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Don't really care,all of it is political drama.All of it has been hacked and they are not the original documents.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think a lot of the documents they release are dangerous, but this one was a good thing to get out:


    The people have a right to know about that!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well, you can add people who've withdrawn their support of companies involved in the coverup .

    There is an obvious reluctance of the public, and most world wide media, and most governments to trust the US and its policies at the moment, because of the obviousness of their deceptions.

    Unfortunately most people aren't aware that the fight is still going on. Wikileaks is still releasing documents this week. And the US government has been quietly shutting down file sharing search websites that they believe you might use to share information like wikileaks if the main site was blocked by the government.

    By the way, "hacking software" is somewhat confusing to people, the program you are probably talking about is actually used to test networks. All it does is communicate with a website, if thousands of people try to contact a website all at the same time the website becomes difficult to operate, and shuts down. This isn't really hacking.

  • e
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    10 years ago

    I think that new laws would probably be made that prevent people from whistle blowing, or at the least, it will prevent just anyone from publishing documents released by whistle blowers.

  • 10 years ago

    I think he is very bad doing what he did and they should of withdrawn theire support from Wikileaks

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