Why do bars in urban areas always have ghetto themed parties?

There is this one town that I know of, lots of minorities live there. Its a poor area. For entertainment they always are promoting hip hop dj's , and gangster/pimp and ho themed parties.

Then there is this other town I know of. It is very affluent. Its filled with alot of older people with lots of money. The bars there which are referred to as lounges since they are more upscale always are having piano singers and jazz for entertainment.

Why do these towns choose such different choices of music and themes for their parties?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Why wouldn't they ? If most of your clientele is from the area then it would make a lot of Sense to have a party themed as they dress..|??

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  • 3 years ago

    Hmm... yeah, the guns on the door is a high-quality concept. How about handing out cap guns, pretend bling, and a couple of diverse colored bandannas on the door, dividing your visitors into 2 rival "gangs" (i.e. pink bandannas for bloods, blue for cryps, yet make up your own gang names, something humorous that could stick with for your team of acquaintances). For decorations, you could carry some shoes round doors with a black cable, draw hopscotch on cardboard and use like throw rugs, get a pink and blue flashing mild to simulate a cop automobile, per chance placed signs and indications over each and each and every of the door procedures like they're diverse shops (i.e. use your individuals names, too. like "Jen's Pawn keep", "Mark's Pizzaria", "playstation 128", etc). And in case you could make street signs and indications and hearth hydrants, that'd be a neat contact. via the way, i do not imagine it truly is a racist concept. Ghettos are authentic places, and there are not merely minorities living there. as long as you do not stereotype or mock any particular ethnicity, it truly is all solid. solid success!

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  • 9 years ago

    give the people what they want.

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