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Is a graphic design degree worth it, especially with the new tuition fee rise?

If I go to Uni for Graphic Design, I won't be going until 2012 as a mature student, and that's when the fee rise will come into place. Is it really worth the debt? Could I get a job as a graphic designer with say, a diploma or college qualification instead?

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    No, this is coming from several years experience as both an illustrator and a graphic designer. If the new fees are £9K per annum you will be facing £27K debt plus other cost of living debts to gain a job in a highly competitive industry with a typical salary of £20-30K per annum depending on location.

    A better use of time and money would be to buy some equipment and teach yourself as you will be in control of everything you learn and also in control of your finances. I chose to study at university and ended up teaching myself everything I know as the course didn't offer the levels of information I required.

    Ask any agency, 90% of the skills you learn at uni are useless in real-world application. Where university projects may last 6 months you may find real clients don't have the funding for this timescale and require completed work in 2-3 weeks. There's no analytical writing involved in the real world, presentations are not the same and the general quality of work on a course will not stand up to real-world application. Spend time to learn about print processes, manufacturing...etc and you will stand in a much better position for the future than graduates will.

    My advice would be to get a placement or job at a real agency, need not be a leading agent, but anyone who can offer you the insight you will need. Financially, the rise in university fee's will hit the creative industry hard as the courses cost more than the wages you can obtain on graduation.

    Remember my piece of advice below before you make any decisions:

    "You won't get a job based on your university grade, you will get it based on your skill and the amount of money you can earn your employer. Your skill level is dependent on the time you invest in practice, not the amount you spend on education."


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    A degree in the specific type of design you are interested in from a University whose department is known for that will get you far. A general degree from an unknown program will still be helpful, but not as much. At a good university, you will have an opportunity for internships which, if you are good, can practically secure you a job when you graduate. Plus the good programs hold "job fairs" where real companies come looking for people to hire. Plus the all-over school experience is going to help you in the real world. You haven't had the responsibilities and deadlines that you'll have at work and though college isn't the same thing, it comes close.

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    I know many graphic designers and many many of them have no degrees. The ones who do have degrees didn't get a job because of their degree only because of their skills. Jobs in that field area do not really need a degree because its really based on your skills and the ones I do know with degrees are making the same or less than the ones without degrees.

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