Comic book retailers/fans I need your advice?

I'm looking at starting a comic book online retail business - I am passionate about comics and it would be from home to begin with and mainly on eBay but providing business takes off, I would look at a small retail/warehouse unit and a proper website.

Can anyone who has successfully set up their own business give me some pointers on how you set up your business and survived? Also, what trials/tribulations did you face?

Also if there are any comic book retailers - how did you get on? How has business been for you?

Thank you in advance. :-)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You need to post this question in the business section as well. Unless, you have already done so

    I've not started my own business yet but have been thinking about it and doing some research. The only problem is that I need to save up etc.

    A few things I have thought about is that you will need a few things

    1. A substantial bit of money

    2. Website

    3. marketing

    4. time

    The benefit of small businesses is that websites like ebay and amazon market place are very helpful in that they already have millions of visitors a year and when people look at products they can also look at other people selling the same product.

    Also a key thing is to establish a good relationship with a wholesaler who specialises in comic books so as to obtain a good price. Also have an idea of how many you will want to buy based on an estimation of how many you think you can sell. The bigger the order, the bigger the discount

    I don't have my own business, these are just some of the things that I have thought about

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    at the start i iwould attempt to make a comic strip of wat is going to take place if evey web site then i might make bins on my computing device on print it out and draw watever i ned to and shade and ink them yet while are attempt ing placed up this in any way attempt to make it short

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