How do I understand her signs and what they mean, as far as to understand how she feels about me (in general)?

I know some people may have asked this type of question before, maybe even myself, but what I am trying to figure out is...does she have any feelings for me?

Let me start by saying I am 31 years old. So this has nothing to do with least I don't think it does.

The detail...If I am talking to a girl and she laughs and smiles and we seem to have a good conversation, what signs should I look for to let me know if she likes me or if she is just having a good conversation? So many girls give mixed signals and are hard to read. That makes it confusing and that's why a lot of guys are too afraid to ask. Like me. My main problem (besides being too damn shy) is that when I think a girl likes me, I try to let her know and find that she either does not like me that way, or she has a boyfriend, or she is not looking to date at that time. So then my question to that is, why flirt, why act interested? And again maybe I am just reading them wrong and they are not acting interested. But that is why I am asking you, because I am not sure and am tired of making a fool of myself and waisting mine and her time. I know people say love will find you and just be patient but again I need help with recognizing the signs so I don't pass it up without realizing it.

Thank you all in advance and please let me know if you need more detail or anything.

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  • kwhip3
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    10 years ago
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    You are seeking the answer to the conundrum faced by men since the beginning of existence. There is no magic signal that says she is the one. You have taken first steps with conversation, now you need to go further. Once you know you can communicate, you have to find out if there is the next step and that is body language.

    Body language is a big step as it involves letting her into your personal space. It begins with touch. when you are in a conversation, touch her hand. The first time she may pull away from the shock of contact, but try again (3 strikes still applies). If she lets you continue the touch, then hold her hand while talking, then ask her on a date like dinner or lunch. continue with the body language as well. touch her hair, touch her face. Be genital but it shows her you are interested.

    This leads to hugging and kissing. Be forward and let her know she is desired by increasing the amount of touch. As you learn if she is open enough for touch and how much, you will learn if she is really interested in a relationship with you.

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