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How to fix PS3 to HD TV lag?

Hi. I'm experiencing some lag when I play first person shooter games in HD and I wanted to know how to fix that. Whenever I press a button or move the joystick, the action is delayed about half a second on my tv. I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me tell how to fix it.I have a 42'' Proscan LED Tv. It has 120 hz and up to 1080p resolution. Thanks.

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    You can not fix the lag time. It is your tv that has a slow response time. This is what you get when you buy bargain price tv.

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  • Rich
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    The 'fix' is a plasma TV..Almost instant response times.!! LCD or LED, even with 'refresh rates' of 120 or 240 hz. do NOT fix the problem.. Fast action is needed for gaming, sports, racing, etc.(BTW, all TV stations broadcast in 1080i NOT 1080p.) The only true 1080p is with a Blu Ray HD DVD player, or a PS-3 ...

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