Start BJ Green-Ellis over LG Blount at RB? N. Washington over R. Moss at WR?

It's Week 1 of my FFL playoffs and I'm stumped at who to start in my 3rd RB and WR slot.

BJ Green-Ellis has been pretty consistent putting up double digit fantasy points lately and will probably be running the rock a lot against a tough run D in a Patriots blowout of the Packers. But, I'm also tempted to start LG Blount who will probably, but not guaranteed, run all over the Lions D.

Where I really need your help is at WR! I'm so tempted to start R. Moss, who I just picked up off waivers. He has a nice match-up this week, but has been disgustingly unreliable this year, to say the least. Meanwhile, N. Washington leads the team in receiving yards and K. Britt is back to steal some catches but will Moss finally look alive and get open down the field and will K. Collins get the ball to him?? M. Sims-Walker has been another inconsistent upset this year but the semi-hot Jags will probably take to the air as they'll need to keep up with the Colts. J. Gaffney puts up weak, consistent numbers with K. Orton, but could he build quick chemistry with T. Tebow if he starts? Could D. Hagan have a big game with Smith and Nicks out? The Giants will take to the air to keep up with those dirty green pigeons.

Take a look at my starters/bench and give me your feedback.

QB Matt Schaub @Ten

RB Michael Turner @Sea

RB LeSean McCoy @NYG

RB/WR BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs. GB

WR Marques Colston @Bal

WR Deion Branch vs. GB

WR/TE Nate Washington vs. Hou

D/ST Saints D/ST @Bal

K Matt Bryant @Sea


LeGarrette Blount vs. Det

Brandon Jackson @NE

Chris Ivory @Bal

Randy Moss vs. Hou

Mike Sims-Walker @Ind

Jabar Gaffney @Oak

Derek Hagan vs. Phi

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    BJGE has a tough match up, but he's performed well against tough run Ds including the Jets and Bears. I would play him. I wouldn't even waste a roster spot on Moss much less than play him. The Titans have played a series of very bad pass defenses lately and Moss has gotten very few targets. I don't expect that to get better with Britt back in the line up. Blount has a nice matchup, but you're better off not making any changes from what you have set.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Green-Ellis has been amazing. Very consistant, a definate stat. I think I would leave everything the same, it looks good.

  • 1 decade ago

    go With BJ and take Nate Washington out of there and Start Simswalker

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