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in movies,a person gets stabbed in the stomach once,falls and dies,in real life,is this really how it happens?

after being stabbed do you still have a chance to run away or once hit your doomed?

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    The stomach is an INTERNAL organ...a sack for holding food.

    A blade piercing a stomach WILL be fatal....from infection...eventually-w/out medical intervention.

    OR...are you trying to ask about ABDOMINAL wounds?

    Then,how deep,how wide,what is pierced?

    Movies are fiction,btw.

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    It is very common for persons receiving terminal care to stop eating and drinking. There is not a law that says you must have an IV when dying and in fact if a person is in hospice it is extremely rare for a person to have an IV except perhaps for pain control. You can moisten her mouth with a few drops or if she is stong enough to drink that is fine, but please do not think that what your sister is doing is inhumane because it is not. I know it seems like it would help to hydrate them, but in the long run it will just prolong their suffering and I'm sure your mom has suffered enough. Try to be supportive to your sister. She is doing the acceptable thing.

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    In real life, it depends on what organs and what blood vessels are hit. If an artery is cut, you can bleed to death quickly (but not instantaneously). Usually, an untreated abdominal wound means a prolonged, painful death (keyword "untreated"). You may or may not be able to run away, depending on how severe the wound is, what was cut internally, your pain tolerance vs your adrenal levels, and how motivated you are to escape. People have gotten severe wounds that you would think would kill them, and they survive.

    Generally, if it happens in the movies, it's not quite that way in real life.

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    If stabbed in the 'stomach' area (which isn't where the stomach is), damage to your abs would make running away EXTREMELY painful, but possible. You sure as hell couldn't SPRINT away. You would NOT die right away, if stabbed in just the abs. Your major organs would still be working, so you would have to bleed for a very long time to die. Movies don't want to take the time. Poetic License.

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    It isn't the stomach wound itself that would cause immediate death. A stab wound in that area would be likely to cut into the descending aorta, the principle artery of the body. That would cause close to immediate death. A wound to the abdomen would not be likely to hit the aorta, but that isn't where the stomach is located either.

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    It depends on exactly where the injury is and what organs or blood vessels have been damaged.

    A tiny nick in a major artery can kill in seconds, but people have been impaled on scaffold poles and fence posts in accidents and survived.

    It's very much chance, as to exactly what damage is done.

    The most important thing is the blade or object should not be removed or disturbed if it's still in the wound - as long as it is in place, it's helping to seal whatever cuts or damage it's done & prevent blood loss.

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    it would be nasty but there are no vital organs in the abdomen on myth-busters if they want a stomach contents substitute they use hydrochloric acid so that leaking in your body would be like liquid fire running inside you and that would kill you by blood poisoning

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    Depends on the size of the blade, where it ends up in the body and on the force applied.

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