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Which Anthony Hopkins film do I watch next?

I have seen 14 Anthony Hopkins films. If you're curious they are:

Silence of the Lambs, Chaplin, The Edge, Amistad, Mask of Zorro, Meet Joe Black, Instinct, Mission Imp. II, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Bad Company, All The King's Men, Fracture, Beowulf, The Wolfman.

So I need a fifteenth. And I'm leaving it up to you. He's freaking Anthony Hopkins so there are still like twenty good films on his resume I want to get too eventually. Let's narrow it down though. Tell me which film to watch and why. I may or may not watch the most popular answer, if somebody makes a compelling case for a film.

You choices are:

Hearts in Atlantis

Legends of the Fall


Bram Stoker's Dracula


Technically I realized I 15 listed above but he was a two scene cameo in Mission Impossible II so not truly one of his films

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    legends of the fall

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    Legends of the Fall

    or Hearts in Atlantis

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    I loved "84 Charring Cross Road" with Anne Bancroft.

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    properly the celebrity Wars video clips have dozens of excellent strains. "you may no longer cope with the reality" from some good adult adult males become a sturdy one. there have been 2 that i in my view liked from braveness decrease than hearth. "become that certainly one of our tanks?" and "She's ineffective." there's a scene in the long Kiss Goodnight the place Gena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson are driving in the vehicle as quickly as that they were in a combat. She asks him if he's thinking what she's thinking and he replys "i'm hoping no longer. i'm thinking approximately how lots my balls injury." i assume my all time well-known should be from Airheads while Pip says "do no longer circulate or I...I...i will stab your heads off...WITH MY DICK AND BLOOD'S GONNA RUN out of your HEAD. there is no longer something you're able to do approximately IT, by fact i'm A MADMAN." That look on his face as he says that's clever.

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