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How to open blocked sites in saudi?

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  • MAG answered 4 years ago
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  • Prince answered 4 years ago
    Dear friend,

    No need to send letter to govt. to open this or that site, they will not do anything for you, as I try a lot before. just do one thing. install hot shield in your computer and you can open any site, i am using and it's good 100% .

    you can find this software on google and download in your computer and install, hot shield name ok.
    check the source link. two software one anchorefree and other hot shield.


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  • Mr. SCARECROW answered 4 years ago
    dont try to unblock porn sites in saudi arabia.
    any other site u can fill the request form on the blocked page and it might get unblocked if ur request is valid.
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  • Mintee answered 4 years ago
    sites are blocked for a reason here.. they obviously contain controversal material, pornography, etc..

    if you feel the site should be opened and there is nothing that goes against the moral laws of SaudiArabia, then click on the link there on the "block" page and it directs you to an email where you can write and state the reason why you feel the site should be unlocked...

    it does work cause I have unlocked a couple in the past...
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  • Muslim Lady edited 4 years ago
    i blocked many sites by report them :)
    and i broke proxy using programs to unblock others ;)

    @human may cry would you mind to be more specific of description 'valid'

    they blocked political websites and Islamic websites, no matter what you request it won't be valid
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  • The chronic answered 4 years ago
    write a letter to the government.
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  • nobody answered 4 years ago
  • How to open blocked sites in saudi?
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