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Have you ever sailed from port c/c?

My ship has sailed the mighty seas

With sails unfurled and rightly trimmed

I followed bright stars ahead of me

And prayed to God for prevailing winds

The course I sailed was one so free

To land on Isles that touched my bow

And searched each cove for mermaids glee

Always sailed on when tide allowed

Found the setting sun when alone

Its colors changed my ships course

To seek a first mate of my own

Who would share her love and its force

I found a mermaid saving kisses

From sailors who sailed the sea as me

Her beauty allowed dreams and wishes

I took her on my ship to sea

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    OOh, smooth sailing. Bon Voyage!

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  • Trying to answer this but am distracted, am getting running water in my kitchen which excites the hell out of me...!!

    small pleasures, ya know.

    there are some spots where the rhyme is taking a step too long in the reading the last line of the second verse made me stop.

    but all in all I love this poem it is what it is a gift for free for us to read. Thank you again for being who you are, willing to grow and expand your horizons and hold out a hand to one outstretched... Thank God for humanities small gratuities..

    have a wonderful weekend my friend

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  • 9 years ago

    Lovely Fredric

    fantasy meets you, greets you, completes you

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  • 9 years ago


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