gay guys dating advice?

so apprantely this guy and i are boy friends now. what i thought was random it was he's intimately. he is the jock type and we are in college. he does things like bring me hot chocolate and kissing me in front of the football team and wrestling and he ends on top of me and we kiss and grabbing me in places O_O so 2 days ago we went on a date and we went to see this gay movie and it was weird.lke he did that reach and pull thing to me and he put me on he's chest and we cuddled and it was all romantically awkward. and he knows im into anime and he showed up to my house with a 1000 dollars worth collection of final fantasy figures and we watched my favorite move(mulan LOL) and we made out and went to "second base." what should i do next?? i jsut talk to him like normal and call him hun and baby and babe and bishh and stuff. am i a bad boy friend??


@the last guy, honey ME EITHER. idkkkk he's like all jocky and stuff and i have no talent i've asked him many times why keeps on bothering with little useless me

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    10 years ago
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    no your fine!... Im not being stereotypical... but he seems more like the man in the relationship (no offense :P)

    but like I think maybe you should do somehting romantic for him (like I have no clue what you do... but say if you like to paint, you should paint him a nice picture for him to put on his wall, or you could make him a bracelet or something cute like that... can you cook? maybe make him a meal or what if you ordered in and had a very romantic dinner and then (If your ready) go to the next step (Either a BJ or... full sex or a HJ... Idk :P whatever your ready for :P)

    do you love him? it seems like he loves you... :)

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  • Krista
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    4 years ago

    What's 'CL'? I think it would be very unwise to team up with a married guy, especially one that has a boyfriend and no doubt has sex with other men and maybe women too. Just think of all the risks you are taking. What if his wife finds out and puts a price on your head? What if you catch an incurable sexual disease from him? What if (heaven forbid) you fall in love with him and can never get him to commit to you? If, as I think, a happy life is best lived by finding a partner with whom you can build a permanent and committed relationship, then think - you never will with him. If he takes a week or a month of your life it is a week or a month when you will not be able to look at more suitable partners. And every person of this kind that you go with will become an obstacle to you and any other partner you consider - and obstacle in the way of getting together. It will make you a worse catch and, apart from a few sexual frissons, you get nothing worth having. Go out and find someone who IS worth having. As you said "men are sometimes sooooo stupid"! Don't be stupid, please!

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  • Ricky
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    10 years ago

    put the 'relationship' deal on hold.

    you both sound like you would make an amazing couple, seem to have stopped at '...a simple friend." build your frienship just a bit more....your boyfriend needs to be something other than your boyfriend...and that is your BEST friend. =]

    once you have your boyfriend and a best friend. ..its perfect.

    (though...when i say best friend...i dont mean ditch all your other friends. balance.) good luck..he sounds like a keeper. =]

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Attractive women get hit on so much that they don’t have time to get to know every single man who wants to talk to her. Within 30-90 seconds, she’s going to decide if you’re a “maybe” or a “no.” A lot of that comes from how you dress. Read here

    It’s not just being fashionable. It’s about projecting who you are. Mixed messages are confusing and make women think you’re trying to hide something or be someone you’re not. Lawyers don’t wear ripped jeans. Musicians don’t dress like accountants. Fun, confident men don’t dress to blend in. And so on.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    sounds like a keeper to me...

    don't be the jealous type, and you should be fine...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Why am I not buying this story?

    Source(s): This seems a little fake but cool!
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