Free virus protection software?

ok i need some free virus protection software that i can trust, because my norton ran out.

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    10 years ago
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    You will first have to completely remove norton.

    Download and run the Norton Removal Tool :


    do this on-line scan first :

    only if you think you might be infected now.


    i suggest you go and get Avast :

    you can not get a better anti virus with anti spyware system for free.

    it has many features you will have to pay for in other systems.

    don't forget to register :

    or you will only have it for 30 days

    by registering you will get a licence for a full year.

    just re-register at the end of the year to get another one year licence.

    if you do not like the look of Avast

    then microsoft supply a system for free..

    Microsoft Security Essentials :


    you must only have one antivirus system on your computer at anyone time.

    The next best free one is,

    Avira AntiVir Personal :

    You also can run this anti malware app with any of the above,

    Security 360 Free :

    to compliment any of the above.


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    The current suggestion from the tech help community is to avoid the security systems - they slow your computer down, just go with the AV program and use windows defender

    Download the AVAST (or whichever free AV you downloaded)

    Take your computer offline

    uninstall the Norton

    install the AVAST

    Go online and get the updates first thing for AVAST

    Check that your Windows Defender is on and protecting. Make sure its updating

    You now have the protection that the tech help sites are recommending

    Just so you know, the avast has rootkit protection, none of the other free ones have it

    AVAST has the boot scanner, you can set it up so that the next time you restart, it runs a scan.

    if you do, its a dos type app that will scan your computer before the OS loads and clean any bugs it finds. Its slow, so go make a pot of coffee and drink it if you do this, but its worth it i assure you

    hope this helps

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    10 years ago

    Fro antivirus choose from AVG or Avast free editions. Combine one of them with antispyware software. Download and install a legitimate anti-spyware software. Choose from malwarebytes antimalware or superantispyware.Download links Both are free and does a great job at detecting and removing spyware. Download, install and update before running a full system scan.

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    10 years ago

    Search for a programme called "Avast!" I use it and it's great :) free download and free to use :)

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    microsoft security essentials



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    AVAST :


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