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Why is America racist towards blacks but tolerant of filthy racist eastern european immigrants?

Many African Americans are hardworking and have been in this country for generations, yet white americans treat us like trash. They fill the media with disgusting stereotypes about us and treat us like animals, yet they are totally accepting of Eastern European immigrants with no potential just because they are white. Most of these immigrants are illiterate, filthy and racist. Many of them hate blacks more than white americans, yet they are accepted by white america even though they just got off the boat from a communist hell hole. Why is this, white america should be ashamed of itself. You treat blacks like crap,but accept filth from other countries. This is more of a reason for an all black state, so filthy whites can't discriminate.

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    Well, the answer was in your question. Because they are white. America was founded on racism, genocide, slavery, hate, rape, etc., etc. Heck they nearly exterminated the dark brown Native Americans because of their color and their different way of life. The white people hate anyone who doesn't look like them, doesn't speak their European languages, doesn't live like them (dirty) and doesn't have the same beliefs as them. I agree the European immigrants are filthy. A Native American man told me that the white people are the filthiest race in the world and are still unevolved cave people. Their European ancestors didn't start to bathe seriously until 150 years ago. These white Americans insist over and over that they are not racist but they still clutch their purses, wallets, and beep their car alarms when a black person passes by (no matter how well-dressed they may be) These people are damn hypocrites to the full extent and don't care how they treat a black or brown person and don't care about their feelings.

    White Americans want (and still want) America to be a full white country and are still willing to kill and steal to keep it that way. They really want to brainwash their fellow white Americans to think all dark peoples are criminals and gang members when white Americans and other Euros are the real criminals on stolen lands around the world. Don't worry Karma will deal with these European hate-filled cave men/women criminals and they will get theirs.

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    in all fairness, anybody denies being racist often. At an rather youthful age, we study of the discomfort and suffering led to by racism with the point to confess you're racist, could be admitting you're like people who led to the discomfort and suffering.

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    I am white and met some very nice black people who are very hard working! But I "seriously can't stand black people who sag their pants, act rude,. and talk ghetto!

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