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If my biological father passed away and my stepmother is in the hospital i need to know who is next of kin?

If my biological father passed away and my stepmother is in the hospital i need to know who is next of kin? Im her only stepchild and she has one living niece. Im in NC!


im not adopted & my father passed away last year. im not sure where the niece is. im trying to find out who is next of kin for my stepmother!

Update 2:

and the niece is blood

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    you are

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    I'm guessing you mean for her. Well first off did she ever adopt you, as that would influence it more to you. Otherwise it's really hard to say. Another question is where is the niece. They would probably be more inclined to consider you the next of kin IF it's a bigger inconvenience to go to the niece(and is the niece blood, or is it her husband's side as that could direct it more to you as well).

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    Untill death do you area is a assertion for married couples, because of the fact of this marriage is a union, and it is going to purely be untill death which you area. i think of the terrific factor you ought to do for your self is to get to renowned yor stepmother and strengthen a relationship together with her. they say that usually death can convey human beings closer to one yet another, and on your case kind relationships that under no circumstances existed. an element of your father lives on on your stepmother, and clearly a huge area of him nonetheless lives on in you. you ought to maximum defnitely the two benifit via establishing a relationship, and basically think of how proud it will make your dad. even however you dont understand her that properly, think of the heartache that she is going by way of, and what greater appropriate way that may assist you the two deal alongside with your loss via letting one yet another in. stable good fortune.

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    Unless she adopted you her niece is. If she is conscious and aware you can have her sign a medical power of attorney form and then you would be able to act as NOK if the niece did not object.

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    It could go either way between you or the niece.

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    it depends. where is your biological mother?

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    the spouse is first in line

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    your biological mother

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