What game system should I get (Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii)?

Christmas is coming up, and I'm thinking of asking for a new video game platform as my gift, but I don't know which one I want. Kept all of this in mind:

-I'm an eighteen year old girl.

-Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite game. I love games X and before, but I haven't really taken interest in the newest games.

-Zelda and Mario are fantastic. I love all their entries, but I'm not sure if they're enough to make a Wii worth it.

-Last time I checked, I didn't like FPS too much, but I'd still play a few. COD doesn't appeal too much.

-Fable is one of my favorite games.

-Blueray isn't a concern.

-I typically play solo (no friends come over to play and no online gaming).

-I'm mostly into RPG, action, and adventure games.

I'm mostly between Xbox and Wii, but I haven't ruled out the PS3 yet. I really want to know what you all would suggest for me (remember I don't want to play online). My main concern is that Xbox mainly supports good FPS games, and I really don't want any... and I feel like Wii will lose it's novelty quickly.

Any help is appreciated!

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  • 10 years ago
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    You definitely want to do your research when investing in a video game console (especially if you're only going for one and not buying all of them - you want to make sure it'll last a while). Because of this I will list out for you a pros and cons list for each and every one after this statement:

    Your final decision should be based on your overall "comfort" level with the console and its games - find what your priorities are (and financial restraints) and what you want from your console and it will last you at least the next 5 years. If it helps, visit your nearest retailer and "feel" out each one of these consoles at the retailer's entertainment centers. Play the game demos that are available for each console, take note of how the controllers feel in your hand, how the games look and the variety you're able to choose from.

    That said, here are the PROs and CONs:

    XBOX 360: $199.99+ (depends on the version you get. Available now is the 4G - that's hard drive memory - and 250G - that's lots of memory - both with/out the new motion capture gaming accessory the KINECT.) Buying it with the KINECT will bring the price tag up by roughly $100.


    4G w/out Kinect - $199.99

    4G with Kinect - $299.99

    250G w/out Kinect - $299.99

    250G with Kinect - $399.99


    - Excellent graphics - same as PS3

    - Most games from all 3

    - Flexible CPU and GPU - allowing for more games to code for it. Resulting in more games.

    - Competitive online community and stronger online capabilities. (Even though I know you say you don't enjoy online gaming, you could change your mind somewhere down the road. If you do, you've got a good thriving community to play with.)

    - Easy navigation. Interactive and well weaves different applications with each other.

    - Plays personal music over game music - not available in other consoles! Personally, I think this is a great option.

    - Cross-game communication. Talk with friends that are online that are playing other games. COOL.

    - Exclusive games like Gears of War. In addition to some, the Xbox is gaining some games that were previously exclusive to the PS3, i.e. Final Fantasy IXV

    - Only for the Xbox: Twitter and Facebook Apps.

    - Achievements system!


    - Annual Xbox Live fee of $60. Not that bad, but people can put that against the PS3's free online network.

    - Bigger controller. This is a matter of personal taste. Personally, I'm tiny and sometimes the Xbox controller is clunky.

    - No Blu-Ray.

    - Lots of hardware issues. A good portion of buyers are promised to some kind of hardware issue sometime during the life of their Xbox and repair is not a fun process.

    Wii: Cheap. Literally dirt cheap.


    - Good console for casual gamers

    - CHEEEAAAAP! Everything is way cheaper to replace in case you find yourself without another controller for your buddies or need a new memory card

    - Fun controllers-ish? Again, personal taste.

    - Exclusive Nintendo Games including Mario and Zelda.

    - Smaller - takes up less space and doesn't have too many problems.

    - A real family console.


    - Not as many strong, hardcore games

    - Not as many capabilities as the other two consoles. Don't expect to be able to do half as many things as you can on the Xbox360 or PS3

    - Graphics just a tad better than that on the gamecube

    I will add more about the Wii and PS3 in a bit. For now I would suggest you visit TechnoBuffalo's website and spend some time watching his Console Wars series.

    Source(s): Experience. TechnoBuffalo.com, IGN.com, Youtube reviews have all been great resources on the games and the consoles themselves. Technobuffalo in particular has actually pitted some consoles against each other and are what most of the information here came from. I suggest looking up reviews from that site for additional info.
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  • 10 years ago

    Xbox just relased the Kinect, plus they have great games like Halo Reach, Fable III and Gears of War. Plus there releasing new games like Gears of War 3. Plus the Xbox live service is fun

    PS3 has blue-ray, internet browser, and the new Playstation Move, some great games I played on it were Killzone 2, and God of War 3. They also have Little Big Planet and Gran Tursimo 5.

    Wii is pretty fun also. I like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii and the Mario Galaxy series. I heard they are releasing a new Zelda game next year too.

    Out of all these consoles, I found Xbox 360 to be the most fun. Since you like Fable, you should go with a Xbox and you can still play third party games (Final Fantasy, COD, Madden)

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  • 10 years ago

    I would strongly recommend Xbox 360, it has the largest selection for games and a majority of the market. It also has many FPS games of good quality

    PS3 is great to play on, tends to be higher quality, and has many Final Fantasy titles, but isnt as popular as Xbox and doesnt have as many online players. This system does have good FPS's, virtually the same as the xbox, with the exception of better graphics.

    Wii on the otherhand is indeed fun for the first bit but does lose its novelty. It becomes a hassle in my opinion, you dont always feel like being active for it. It's more of a family console.

    Overall I would say xbox. Halo is great and many Final Fantasy games are available on it. Now a days anyway, games are produced for all platforms,

    The difference really comes down to the controller for many gamers. As for me and people i've talked to, the xbox controller beats the playstation controller 2/1. First off the controller feels more natural and fits in the hand better, secondly, there are triggers on xbox controllers which many users find better than the bumpers found on the ps controller.

    Note: Check out Kinnect. If your getting an xbox, really look into the new Kinnect technology and the games associated with it

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at Neros.Nemesis@yahoo.com

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Then ask your self these questions.

    1. What games do I want to play.

    Remember some games are exclusive, meaning they only are for one console. For instant mgs 4 is only on ps3 and halo is only on xbox 360.

    2. The Consoles Network.

    Check what your friends have so you can play with them on the same network. When you play a game you don't use a all console`s network. PS3 have there PSN xbox 360 uses xbox live, so if you have ps3 and your friends have xbox 360 even if the game is identical. You will not play on the same network.

    3. Money to spend.

    This is important bc if you don't have or you have less, then you cant buy it. Plus you need the money for the game. With playstation you have a free subscription to the psn but xbox 360 charges money, yes in psn you have playstation plus kinda like the xbox. Some say its worth but I haven't tried it out, guess its personal opinion/taste.

    To put it simple take the time and think what you want/need, so you don`t make a mistake and have to regret it.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think the Wii is better choice for you. The Wii has a lot more RPGs than the 360, especially with Last Story coming out, which is from the creator of Final Fantasy. Plus, you can get your Mario and Zelda fix. 360 is really more aimed towards FPS and beat em ups.

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  • 10 years ago

    Xbox 360 cuz the online gaming is more better and challenging for the typical online gamer. Wii also gives you netflix but 360 has better graphics for the hd tv. Microsoft is selling more and more with the kinect. But if you want challenging, relaxing, fun time experience, get the 360. PS3 has way too many glitches. They will probably shut down and go out. If you get the xbox 360 add me as a friend i play halo reach, red dead redemption gears of war 2 and COD. My gamertag is Risky J0K3R the o in joker is a zero :P. Have fun playin dude :)

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  • 10 years ago

    expect a lot of debate on this one, however i would say that the games on the xbox are more varied and in my opinion superior, however the PS3 has the added advantage of blu ray. I have a Wii and to be honest the novelty wore off after a month, i always always go back to the xbox.

    just the controller, xbox live and a few regular games are what makes it for me

    hope that helps.

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  • 10 years ago

    I reckon that you'll love the Wii.

    Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best games on the Wii, as is Zelda: Twilight Princess. Also, if you like retro games, there is the Virtual Console, a segment of the Wii Shop that allows you to buy NES, SNES, N64, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), TurboGrafix 16, Commodore and arcade games to play at your delectation. Final Fantasy's on there too.

    Source(s): Actually owning a Wii and PS3. I love the PS3, but for your interests, I'd go with Nintendo.
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  • Being a veteran of all 3, I recommend a gaming PC. If you don't want that, the Wii is actually really fun if you have someone else to play with. Casual games like Mario Kart, Supper Smash Bros., (pretty much anything with Mario) can offer simplistic pleasure, without all the hardcore antics of the other platforms; and if you want a shooter, they have Goldeneye and No More Heroes for your inner killer. lol jk Please don't get Xbox as Online Playing will suck away your soul. It almost took 3 years of my life away. :O

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  • 10 years ago

    Don't know about Wii, but Microsoft charges for Xbox Live while Playstation Network is free. You so you don't game online, but you have to pay to access anything (including Netflix) on Xbox. I would go with PS3. I've had PS1 and 2, and then changed to xbox. I sort of wish I hadn't

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