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I know how to save the world! Save the US a trillion dollars a year. Stop Global Warming! Do you Agree?

The Firearms industry is greatly regulated due to the ‘Danger’ of said product but Cars cause far more damage to health and property than any other item in the world.

In the US, there are 200 million privately-owned firearms

31,000 Deaths per year due to guns

200,000+ injuries each year

200 million guns times 31,000 Deaths = 6.2% of guns are involved in deaths alone.

In the US, there are there are 230 million cars

42,643 + People die each year in car crashes.

2.9 million injuries each year

230 million cars times 40,000 Deaths = 9.2% of cars are involved in deaths alone.

(And anyone, felons and criminals included, have a right to own and operate a car.)

So we should ban/regulate cars and replace them with nothing but busses, trains, trams/light-rail, and non-motorized vehicles because then not only would we eliminate Car Related Deaths, we would eliminate car related injury, which costs the American Medical System billions of dollars each year, and we would greatly reduce the wear and tear on the infrastructure, reducing repair, replacement, and expansion costs by billions of dollars a year.

Reasons why:

- We would basically eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, which pays for world wide terrorism, making the world as a whole a safer place.

- We would cut our countries carbon footprint by at least half. (Though 48% of the world’s green house gasses are actually produced by ruminant animals, including cows.)

- Bike sales would skyrocket, greatly impacting the Obesity Epidemic in our country because we would no longer be spending 1/3 of our day sedentary, in traffic, and the Obesity Epidemic costs our Health Care System billions each year.

The response rates of police, fire department, and emergency medical personnel would be practically instantaneous because no jacka*ses blocking the progress of emergency equipment down the streets.

- It would eliminate traffic courts, freeing up police and the judicial system to prosecute more serious crimes like murder and child abuse.

- A total elimination of DWI’s and other unsafe driving practices.

- 2,000+ children are injured each year by their own parents backing their cars over them. 200+ die each year by being crushed by cars simply backing out of driveways!

- Street prostitution would be virtually eliminated because of the logistics of getting a hummer on a bike.

- The transportation industry, which brings you every single item in your home, would greatly accelerate due to the emptying of the freeways, reducing transportation costs of all goods sold in the US, lowering the prices for food and consumer goods.

- There would be much more positive social interaction with the general population, greatly increasing the ability to spot and seek treatment for socially maladjusted individuals and eliminating unhealthy social isolation.

- The elimination of negative stereotypes such as Asians not being able to drive well.

- A total elimination of the threat of Drive By shootings, making neighborhoods safer.

- A staggering reduction in Noise Pollution.

- The almost total elimination of the death and injury of helpless animals in the roadway. Saving many endangered animals like the Endangered Armadillo, whose corpses, literally, litter the highways of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

- It would greatly increase a dependence on little “Mom & Pop” small businesses because you would have to pop down to the local grocery store when you needed something rather than driving miles down the road to the Mega-Mart. This would eliminate the strangle hold on business that the anti’s claim is destroying main-street America.

All of this and more if we just regulated and eliminated Cars the way we want to regulate and eliminate firearms. Who’s with me?!?!?!

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    That wasn't a question, but it was a very well thought out and true statement. Thank you.

    Now I have to ask you a question, do you really think those idiots that want gun control could ever understand something as logical and simple as this great article you wrote?

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Doug, my boy. It's your kind of bull crap that puts non Americans off. Of course the US made a major contribution to the war effort and the landings on June 6, 1944. But first of all, you guys didn't get to Britain until 1942. The last time I checked the war started in 1939. Where the hell were you? Secondly, the D-Day landings were very successful in part, because 2 years earlier Canadians made a major contribution to the logistics of beach landings at a place called Dieppe. No, the US didn't save the world at D-Day. The US helped save the world at D-Day. It was a joint effort. However, I concede that if there hadn't been the huge production of war materials by the US, and the Russians taking the brunt of German forces, the Allies would have had a much tougher and longer road ahead.

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    Some of it sounds good but it would be impossible. It would take millions of trains and buses. Also people who live in the country could not make a living. A lot of people are forced to drive an hour just to get to work everyday. Very creative thinking though. :)

  • 10 years ago

    An interesting idea, but seeing as how they can't get the guns off them, how do you think they will get the cars off them? Also your premise is wrong, cigarettes cause more death and destruction than guns, cars and wars combined.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes I agree but people aren't going to care one bit because they are way to overly materialistic and want cars on the road.

    But you forgot overpopulation. Too many people = too many buildings along with schools being built, too much water being consumed, too many animals getting slaughtered to feed them, too much energy used, etc.

    Sadly people aren't gonna care until it's way too late and the planet fights back real hard.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Saving the earth is one hell of a task.

  • 10 years ago

    You can have your bike I will keep my cars and guns thank you .

  • 10 years ago

    of course i agree...we have to make efforts to save d earth..

  • Wesley
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    10 years ago

    Car crashes are great. Keep us from over populating.

    Ps. Wtf is a non-motorized vehicle. You amish or something?

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