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Double date coming up?? please help!?

so i have this double date coming up next weekend.

me, my boyfriend, my best friend, and my best frend's boyfriend are going to the movies. (we're going to watch harry potter)

i dated many guys before but its the first date with my boyfriend and we never really met before (my friend introdced me to him.) and that goes the same for my best friend (thats why we decided to make it a double date, so we wont feel awkward).

sooo here are my questions

1. my friend is very skinny but im on the medium-chubbish side. does that make me look bad?

2. what can i do to feel less awkwArd?

3. im asking 7 of my friends to spy us (we at first wanted 10, but that was too big so we cut down 3). is that too much ppl to be spying?!!!? none of my friends know other of the boys except for one, do u think the boys would realize that theyre being watched??

4. what should i say when they notice that they've been spied??

5. how far should i go for skinship? (hug, kiss, holding hands, etc.)

i'm 14 1/2 btw.

please, serious answers only :) thank u!


spies are for fun :) its really fun spyin on other pplz dates.... lol :p

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  • 10 years ago
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    he is ur date not ur bf yet!

    1) jus carry urself comfortable & relaxed

    2) he also mite feel the same, if you keep cool & calm, in minutes the awkwardness will disappear.

    3) why wud you need spies, protection????? if you've heard that he's a off the date if not,

    call off your secret service.....

    4) dunno what to say but he mite say something like-"nice meetin you.....hope to neva see you again!"

    5) most guys wudn't mind if you went to bed with them on first dates & you'll neva see him again as you can guess what he'll think of you, jus keep to the nice convos for first date.

    #) Njoy!

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