Kippers with butter in a bag cooked in microwave how on earth do you get rid of the kipper smell?

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my husband loves kippers but I can`t abide them. I don`t want to put milk in to heat later if it tastes of kippers. what a liberty!
Update : We`ve only had this one a couple of months Even bigger liberty! more
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my wife hates fish smells too. we simply leave it to cool and wash with a lemon juice then wipe . it seems to reduce most smells significantly. do of course use an kitchen extractor etc.
some smells do like to cling try putting a half lemon juice (or sliced lemon ) in a small bowl and heat on medium for 60 seconds. leave 2 minutes. the steam? should help reduce fish smells or at least help Tolower them.

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thanks everyone
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  • Outhval answered 3 years ago
    After cooking, put a cup of lemon juice (Jif) mixed with water and boil for a few minutes, then wipe down inside of the microwave. This takes away the smell of fish.

    Edit: I've been beaten as well lol !!
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  • mistydawnchorus answered 3 years ago
    I've been beaten to it again EJ. A sliced lemon or lemon juice in a small amout of water works well as does bi-carb. or popping some distilled vinegar in a jug/bowl and 'zapping' that.
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  • Reggie answered 3 years ago
    fresh lemons in a bowl cut up and water turn on for 2Min's and the smell will disappear? and when cooking a cauliflower squeeze some lemon over the top make it with and you do not have the smell when cooking?
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  • answered 3 years ago
    yep lemon shifts it . i boil mine though !
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  • Ian 52 answered 3 years ago
    Hmmmmm * thinking about it *

    Ok...tell your neighbours your microwave is knacker...err broken and would they mind microwaving something for you ; )

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  • Ladyitch answered 3 years ago
    if the lemon juice doesn't work~ try wiping it down with vinegar or baking soda~
    good luck~ if that doesn't work?
    buy yourself a new microwave and put this one in his man cave!~ lol
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  • dances answered 3 years ago
    Put some lemon juice in a jug or bowl with about half a pint of hot water and then put it on for 10 mins - it does help
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  • FooFoo love you long time answered 3 years ago
    Kill it with fire... the microwave, I mean

    the rest of the house too possibly
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  • ! answered 3 years ago
    Put a bottle of fairy in there and heat it until it explodes.
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