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Why didn't Hulk Hogan make TNA popular(yet)?

Well,I am asking this because Hulk Hogan made WWE popular so why hasn't he made TNA popular yet?

WQ-Do you think Chyna would ever be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame?

WQ2-Would you like Batista to return to the WWE?Yes/No and why?

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    No offense but you're thinking in WWE terms and scale.

    In 1984 Vince McMahon used "Madison Avenue" type of media blitzes to get the WWF and Hulk Hogan known to EVERYBODY. Vince simply advertised EVERYWHERE, places and media no other promoter had thought of before (to be...fair, earlier promoters just advertised to wrestling fans; Vince advertised to the world because he wants the world to buy his merchandise and PPVs). With Hulk Hogan as the poster boy for this new thing Vince called "sports entertainment", the world was there for Vince and Hogan to conquer. Vince put the Hogan name and face, and the WWF logo, everywhere, all over TV, in magazines, and just about every piece of merchandise you can possibly think of. And it worked. The whole world learned about the WWF and Hulk Hogan, and Vince increased his audience exponentially.

    The WWF and Hulk Hogan were new, caught on with the "mainstream", and became phenomenons.

    It didn't happen overnight, though. It took a LOT of hard work, a LOT of money, and a lot of years to achieve the success they did. And for a decade now, the WWE has operated unopposed, the 800-pound gorilla, monopolizing the business, and keeping all other "competitors" down and small.

    Vince's propaganda has trained the wrestling fans (especially the "mainstream" fans) to consider everything else inferior and not worth their attention or money, to the point that when anything new (or different) does try to break out it is met with scorn, derision, and hate from Vince's audience.

    TNA has been struggling for 8 years to penetrate the market owned and monopolized by Vince McMahon and the WWE. TNA HAS succeeded in "getting in", but at a VERY small scale. Most WWE fans know OF TNA, but comparatively few of them actually consider it "worth watching", thanks to Vince's propaganda telling them it's a laughable little "rasslin" company, and considerable ignorance from a lot of Vince's audience about what TNA really is.

    Hogan HAS made a difference in TNA. While there hasn't been a huge jump in the ratings (yet), the brand awareness has been raised considerably. We see a much larger percentage of TNA-related questions in this section since Hogan arrived than there were before. TNA has been able to sign bigger stars recently because of the Hogan name attached to TNA. TNA gets talked about more often and more regularly throughout the internet since Hogan arrived.

    TNA is not (and may never be) at the level of the WWE as far as number of fans, money generated, merchandise sales, etc. TNA is not and may never be as big a company as the WWE, but to say TNA isn't popular is misleading.

    TNA IS popular and IS a successful company and wrestling promotion. Just not at the scale the WWE is. A comparison could be: Target is a popular retail chain, but Wal-Mart is bigger and gets more customers simply because they have more stores and the Wal-Mart brand name. So it is with TNA. The WWE is bigger because of brand-recognition and more "stores" (TV shows) but TNA has it's customers (audience), as well. Both are successful and popular, but at very different scales. TNA might one day grow to WWE proportions but that day is still far away.

    WQ: I think so. Vince has surprised us with some recent entries, so I think Chyna will eventually get in. Vince's Hall Of Fame is supposed to honor those who have made "significant contributions" to the wrestling business. And Chyna certainly qualifies.

    WQ2: Indifferent. I was never a huge Batista fan, but he was good for the WWE while he was there, engaging in some memorable feuds. If he wants to come back, I wouldn't object.

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    I am positive that he and Bischoff are asking the same question.

    The world is a different place than it was 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Things move on, and lightning seldom strikes twice in the same place. Hogan was counting on a third strike.

    And he came in in the wrong way. Going against the grain was right back in the NWO days, but when he came into Tna trying to change everything, he was doing the wrong thing. TNA took what popularity it had from being different, an alternative to WWE. Hogan came in and tried to compete with WWE. Change the ring, change the air date of the show, Change everything. Well, people resisted the change, especially because it was erasing what was already different about TNA.

    If he had come in supporting all that was new and fresh and popular about TNA, rather than changing it to be what he figured a wrestling promotion was supposed to be, he may have been more sucessful. With guys like Flair, Hogan, Sting, etc, the fans who put most value on name power would have been drawn anyway, and the people who loved the newness of TNA would still have been happy. And if they had waited until they started to see results, before trying to take on Raw, they may have gained what support they would need to topple the giant later.

    But they tried the same old tricks, while WWE started to bring in new blood. WWE is set for the future, and TNA is floundering in the past.

    I think if there was a reason to, they would. Most inductees have some political or intrinsic motivation, or otherwise fit in with the WWE's plans. When they inducted Rocky Johnson and Peter Maivia in together, do you think it wasnt to draw the Rock there for the ceremony? I could see them inducting her if there was some reason that WWE wanted to create interest in Chyna - a book, dvd, toy line, who knows- or if they want to push someone else, like having Beth Phoenix or some other diva induct her or have a wrestlemania match with her or something in order to push that diva.

    I would like to see Batista in WWE. He had decent mic skills, worked well as either heel or face, and was good in the ring. He also had an intensity to his character that is few and far between these days. I blame Brock Lesnar. Before he stunk up his last fight, Batista was supposedly thinking of returning, because he couldnt get the money he wanted in MMA. Now he has leverage, and got the deal he wanted.

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    Well to be quite honest that's the main reason Dixie Carter hired Hulk Hogan last

    year. The President of Tna Wrestling Dixie Carter thought that by bringing Hogan

    and Eric Bischoff that would help bring in main stream exposure to Tna Wrestling

    so far he really hasn't helped. First, Tna pay per view sales are significantly down

    right now in Tna Wrestling they are worse compared to the Wwe's pay per views.

    Second, Tna tried moving to Monday Nights to compete with Monday Night RAW

    at the same time slot and that idea failed they never won any of the nielsen ratings

    so, that ideal failed and TNA had to switch back to Thursday nights or risk getting

    canceled. Third, they didn't hire the right people Hulk Hogan says that he would be

    taking Tna Wrestling to all new heights so far he has not. All of the changes they've

    made in Tna Wrestling haven't been good. They got rid of the octagon style ring and

    brought back the traditional 4 sided ring. And I told you this before the only way that

    I see Tna Wrestling changing is if they hire Paul Heyman to run the show to release

    both Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. Paul Heyman says that Tna Wrestling isnt ready

    for him yet. He says that if he was in charge of Tna Wrestling nobody over the age of

    40 would be working and wrestling for Tna with the exception of RVD and Kurt Angle.

    WQ:) Yes, Chyna will be inducted into the Wwe Hall of Fame sometime in the future.

    WQ2:) No, not really. Let's go over the facts. Batista is 41 years old. He's greedy and

    he was only working for Wwe for the money. He's overrated. They, helped him out in

    the Wwe gave him a lot of good pushes. When he left and asked to be released from a

    contract the reason behind that was if they were going to re-sign him Batista asked for

    much more contract money in World Wrestling Entertainment. They really don't need

    him they got a lot of young superstars in FCW they could call up to take his place and

    a matter of fact there's this one dude Mason Ryan he resembles Batista and he's been

    going on the road with the wwe crew wrestling some "dark matches" so they're getting

    him ready for the future I don't think Dave Batista wants to come back to wwe now hes

    focused on making action movies and Batista's trying to be a Hollywood movie star.;_ylt=AjJTy...

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    For two reasons. The first and most obvious one was that the Hulk Hogan "Hulkamania" character was fresh and exciting. Everyone wanted to chant for an American Hero and so Vince gave them Hulk. Which brings me to the second reason, and that is Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon is responsible for making Hogan popular. Now Hulk is just old and his routine is stale and boring.

    WQ: I think probably yes.

    WQ2: Yes, although I am not a big fan of Batista, WWE really needs some star power right now, and perhaps he could feud with Ezekiel Jackson to give Ezekiel a big push.

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  • Why would anyone want to watch Hulk Hogan these days? He's just an ego maniac who has lost all of his touch. Hogan went into TNA thinking that when people are flipping channels and see him, they'll say "OMG Hulk Hogan, I should start watching this!" but instead they say "Is that Hulk Hogan? Jesus, that's sad."

    WQ - Good Question because in my opinion she deserves to be. She's one of my favorite Female Wrestlers of all time.

    Wq2 - Though it got interesting towards the end there, No. He's pretty much useless and boring.

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    Hogan made WWE hugely popular because Hulk Hogan still had athletic ability and relevance to the sport when he joined WWF in the 80s. Now, he's just a tired, broken down, media whore whose best days were so long ago that a large number of younger fans weren't around for them.

    Chyna--I wouldn't say never, but there are far far far too many wrestlers more deserving who need to go in before she's even a candidate.

    Batista--Indifferent. He's not as bad as his detractors say. He's not as good as his fans say. (same could be said of Cena).

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    Things change as years go by. The WWF was the only illustrious wrestling company by then with no major competition. That's why he made it famous. But now with TNA, he's got stiff competition battling with the WWE. The WWE is way too big for Hulk to overcome. And he's old now. TNA is famous, it's just that it doesn't know how to utilise their talent. BQ: Yeah. I hope so. BQ2: No because he couldn't wrestle. Im MERCURYX and I approve this answer.

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    Tna is Popular, they get millions of viewers each week, their ratings are almost equal to SD!'s these days!

    WQ: Probably not!

    WQ2: Sure, he is a great character!

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    Because he doesn't give a **** about no one but himself and is only in it for the $$$$.

    Yes she will she was apart of one of the greatest groups in wrestling history

    No because he can't work a mic and like cena has such a limited moved very overrated tho

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    Immortal Kinda caused that and he isn't wrestling there like he did in WWE

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