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Afro hair on holiday? :/?

I'm going to spain soon with a friend and im not sure what im going to do with my hair! She's got european hair so she doesnt have to do much whereas i know im gonna really struggle with my hair. Usually i straighten it or wear it in a bun because i had a few texturizers and my natural hairs horrible now. What do you think i should do whilst there to not look totally ugly? Thanks

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    head youtube and look up aloe Vera gel vegetable glycerin and shea butter fo african american hairthese thing gets your hair looking healthy shiny and soft you can do a twist out to define your curls dont think you dont have awesome curls. there are recipes to combine these products to make a daily moisture spray. (water, glycerin and aloe )your hair will love it mine does and it was crazy before.Then find a satin pillow case or bonnet(if you dont already have one)its so that the cotton pillows dont absorb all the moisture your hair needs cotton makes our hair dry.head to hairlista best hair care site I put thing i learn there on my blog.

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    Fruits and vegetables have hardly any calories, and they're easy to burn off w/ light exercise. And some vegetables like avocados are high in healthy fats.

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    dont like vegetables or vegetables either. Almost all my menu involves is hamburgers, pizza, chips, and rooster.

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    Go to a salon and then try your best to keep it nice(:

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