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Men: Do you ever feel discriminated against because of your gender?

I've noticed a lot lately that women seem to get special privileges just because of their gender. For instance, women can get a special college fund, but there is nothing like that for men. Men are most likely to be hired for harder work (Construction, etc.), while women are more likely to get that job in the office. Everyone talks about women's rights, but no one sees how giving women special privileges is not equal or fair. I was just wondering. I'm a girl myself, and I would rather women's rights be completely equal to men's rights with no one getting special privileges.

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    I haven't experienced much real serious discrimination yet. One teacher in middle school did noticeably give us boys a harder time and lower grades for similar work, something even some of the girls noticed. Beyond that, most discrimination I've seen against men has been to other men. I know eventually it probably will happen to me.

    Some annoyances do occur, such as the same women who preach equality suddenly expecting all the benefits of chivalry but God forbid you use any traditions against them, but I wouldn't necessarily call that discrimination.

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    it depends on the privileges... a woman is physically not as strong as a man.. so she cannot do construction work that well... so men will be preferred there!!

    and in the beauty parlous... woman will have a majority..

    as far as other privileges are in college funds... as you mentioned... " that is totally wrong"... what does a college fund have to do with a person being a girl or a boy??

    reservations which are not genuinely gender - specific .. i.e considering the biological and psychological difference in the nature of the sexes are a " privileged"... and nobody should be privileged in a fair and just society.. be it a guy or a girl..

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    Yeah, sometimes I feel sorry for men, too. Especially when I think of how hard it would be to walk around with 2 baseballs and a bat between my legs.

    They also have to ask about a hundred girls before one says "maybe" and all we have to do is ask one to get a quick "yes, right away, please."

    As much as I agree with you that men in the free west have to work hard to go back in where they came out (from their mother) I don't mind the few extra privileges I feel we earn by having to put up with childbirth, periods, and not being able to take our shirts off in public on hot days.

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    nope. Yeah, sure, women have quotas and an easier time getting certain jobs. And yeah, it's easier for them to get into med school, and yeah, a lot of black women that would be lucky to land a job slinging hash if it weren't for sex and race related affirmative action get to be rude and uppity to me on the phone when I'm trying to get a title for a vehicle they'll NEVER be able to afford transferred.

    But the fact is, none of that bothers me much. Any white Western male that isn't smart or resourceful enough to overcome these aggravating but minor handicaps shouldn't admit it in public. Perish the thought that there might come a day when I couldn't mop the floor with the lot of their pathetically favored asses with my dick tied behind my back.

    AH, piss on it. I don't give a damn.

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    I agree with the points you made, especially the one about how there should be no gender-based privileges. IMO, one of the worst forms of discrimination is the fact that so many male victims of child abuse are ignored because "they are boys and they can take it." I really feel passionately about this, and it hurts to see feminists shrugging it off.

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    Yup , when I worked at a 24 hour gas station , i was told that i would be working the night shifts while my female co-worker got to work the day shifts.

    So since Im male , I should automatically take the more dangerous shift as if men are supposed to be immune from violence

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    Yes I do feel discriminated against and here's why.

    As a single guy I'm not allowed to adopt children, I can put my name on the list but I will never be allowed to adopt. In order to adopt I must have a female or male partner.

    Single women can not only adopt children but they can go to a sperm bank and use another mans sperm to have a child but then they can still sue the poor guy for child support.

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    Nope. I've experienced other forms but nothing gender related. I've had to deal with anti-male rhetoric that makes the workplace hostile but that's not the same as discrimination. It's only discrimination when something is unaddressed imo.

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    I only notice that a lot of girls think I'm a cheating lowlife or that I only want them for sex because I'm a guy. But a lot of guys are like that and sometimes I am too so I guess I deserve it. I don't care for people deciding what I'm like before they even know me though.

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    Feminism doesn't want full equality with men.

    Full equality would mean the bad with the good (equal prison sentences, for example).

    Instead, feminist groups keep demanding that we offer women leniency when do wrong but condemn men to the fullest extent of the law. If they wanted full equality, we would see feminist groups for Father's Rights to have equality - yet, instead, we see them defend the inequalities so women can retain their upper-hand.

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