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Women: Do you ever feel inferior, or discriminated against, because of your gender?



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    Erin there was an instance 20 or so years ago where I was out of work, and attempted to apply for a job as a printer's apprentice through the unemployment office. The woman at the desk took one look at me and my small frame, and stated that they were looking for a man to fill this position, as it required heavy lifting. I should have sued her ***, for later that day I ended up applying for welfare. In order to receive state aid, I was sent to work as a volunteer at the local university, in their print shop. Position? Printer's apprentice. The job included calibrating machinery, book-binding, heavy lifting ... and I loved it. Working with those machines was the best job I ever had.

    Within the past few months I was discriminated against because of my RA. I've lived in my current home for 15 years and absolutely love it, but it's getting difficult to care for, and the stairs just kill me. I found a more modern home with no stairs and a more streamlined layout, with a yard that would be accessible to me. The woman who owns that place is a nurse at the inpatient physical therapy department at the local hospital, so she is all too well aware of what my disease involves. She allowed me to think I was getting this home, but upon further inquiry wouldn't even return my phone calls.

    I've been told not to let people know I have RA, but just as my being female is rather obvious to those with eyes, RA is an in-your-face kind of disease, and it is apparent from the first look that something is wrong with me.

    I never should have allowed the people in the above situations to get away with what they had done, but in neither case did I have any proof of discrimination.

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    In my work environment, I do sometimes feel that I'm living in a man's world. My male boss has a strong preference for male employees, especially in responsible functions. Female interns are generally given secretarial tasks, whereas male interns are usually given creative projects with responsibilities. Assertive female coworkers are often said 'not to know their place', whereas similar behaviour from male coworkers in the same/lower positions is lauded as assertivity. Open job applications from women are usually turned away immediately, whereas men are often invited to come over for an interview, even if they don't have any qualifications or experience in the field. Somehow the boss just never experiences his 'intuitive recognition of potential' in women. On the other hand, I've experienced positive discrimination because of my gender too. When I was at university, a feminist professor arranged a wonderful internship for me, which I know she wouldn't have done for a man. At a job interview with a woman, I wasn't asked about my capacities in multitasking (a requirement for the position) 'because multitasking comes natural to women'.

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    I feel inferior only in terms of physical strength.

    Discriminated against? Yes, frequently. Not necessarily in obvious ways of course... the prejudice is far more sinister! It's implicit and often unintentional, thus granting people immunity from censure.

    It manifests in subtle ways. This may seem really frivolous, but I'm kind of irked by the fact that most ads to do with domestic household chores still employ female actors. And the women are always portrayed as elegant, dainty, and so mundane. Yes, ok, there are more women than men who are "homemakers", but STILL! Grrr... it serves to perpetuate the image and society's expectations!! There are MUCH more serious and urgent examples of gender discrimination, but that's the one that popped into my head.

    Ok, it's a trivial example, but I hate doing chores, and I'm deathly afraid of turning into one of those boring suburban housewives they show in the ads.

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    I've been made to feel inferior, in my home and on the job, but i don't apologize for my vagina. Also, personally, I dont feel ashamed for being a woman. Everything I've ever wanted , I've gone out and gotten for myself, I have a career, car, home, ect. Sometimes it is harder to set up electronics without a man in the house, paint, or put up curtains and other things, but I manage. Therefore, I've grown into accepting my gender and I dont mind the discrimination bc Im doing okay!

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    Never inferior, but discriminated against? Absolutely. Do we have it any better here than women in the Middle East?

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    It can only happen if you allow it.

    The last time I had an "issue" to deal with was with the Dean and Principal of my college so I made an appointment to see them. They made me wait for 2 weeks for the appointment which only gave me plenty of time to be prepared. When I entered the office they tried to direct me to a seat which I knew would give them a psychological advantage and so I moved passed that chair and took the next one which backed to the wall, they sat on the other side of the desk and so I just mentally turned the desk around and assumed the position of authority with them sitting on the inferior side. When I had finished the interview I thanked them for their time and they got up to leave the room, it wasn't until they both reached the door that they realized it was their office! They actually looked a little confused when they stood at the door and hastily decided they were going out to get coffee! LOL

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    If anything I feel superior because of my gender but I do feel pidgeon holed by "The Man" with little room to "move on up" the ole ladder. But I don't think it has to do with my gender. I think it has to be with my station in life. We're sold a bill of goods called "the American Dream" but in reality few of us move on up. I'm not crying you a river but this chicka works hard for the hard for the money.

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    Inferior, never. Discriminated, sometimes but not often. I just roll with the punches.

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    YES I almost got a job at Fed Ex but when I did the second interview, I feel that the only wanted a male, sucks

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    yes, but only in personal settings by people I don't respect. What really hurt was that my male friends seemed unable or unwilling to sympathize with my situation, although they where totally ready to try and flirt with me. These are things I can deal with but wish I didn't have to.

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